Diva Alert!

Whenever we have a social event to go to, my husband and I are almost always late.  Why are we late?  Well, it’s because one of us changes our clothes numerous times – indecisive and unsatisfied.  You might be thinking that person is me because I’m the girl, after all and isn’t that what girls do?  We put on one outfit, discard that one and try another then another then another…only to end up in the original outfit 45 minutes later while our guys sit patiently waiting (or, more likely, impatiently waiting) while constantly checking their watches and simultaneously watching the game or surfing the internet or tinkering with tools. Yeah, that’s the stereotype.

But since this blog is called My Husband is Annoying you already know that’s not how it works in our household, don’t you?  I don’t even really need to tell you that my husband is the one who takes forever to get ready, do I?  Well, I’ll tell you anyway.  Last week we were going to visit family for Christmas and we had a train to catch.  So I get ready and in my usual routine, put on whatever fits and is clean. Then I sit down to wait.  And wait.  And wait.  My husband will try on about 5 different outfits, in all different sweater/jeans combinations.  And (hooray!) just when I think he’s decided…he changes his mind once again.  And when he finally gets his outfit nailed down, you’d think we were done, right?  Uh, no.  Then he’s got to work on the hair.  The whole time, I’m glaring at him and pointing at the clock but I’m pretty sure that he doesn’t even notice me.

Inevitably, we end up practically running to the train station where we either miss or just make the train.  Every single time.  Who knew that men could be such…girls?

No, we don't actually have a makeup artist at home but my husband probably wishes we did.


11 responses to “Diva Alert!

  1. my husband is a diva too! he swears he can get ready in five minutes, then proceeds to change outfits several times! after i’m done getting ready, he’s still digging through the closet 20 minutes after he said it’d be 5 minutes. (another annoying thing is that he’ll leave the discarded outfits on the floor of the bedroom, bathroom, and closet!)

  2. Hi there! I found your link on another blog and the title of your blog made come directly over. I LOVE your banner…that could be my husband. In fact, I am wondering if perhaps you didn’t take that photo through our window?? 🙂 Funny blog!!!

  3. My husband seems to get ready on time, however, it takes him forever to get into the car. Plus, he tells me and my daughter to have our A$$ in seat (he calls it AIS) by a certain time, however, we are always waiting in the car while he does heavens know what in the house. My daughter and I are now placing bets on how long it takes between the time we get in and when he gets in.

  4. I was waiting for you to say that by the end of all his outfit changes he ends up putting on the green sweater and looking the same as always 😉

  5. It’s sad, but I’m kinda glad I’m not alone in this predicament! I own a shop and I open at 11. Well, my husband and I now carpool. God! Why?? God! Every single morning he asks me… ” what time do we have to leave?” and the answer never changes… “No later than 10:15” I reply. 10:20 rolls around and I say “Okay, come on… we gotta go!” And he’ll be like “But, I’m not done with my breakfast yet! Geez! Relax chief!” Grrrr!!!! You have no idea how angry this makes me! So… when I finally get him out the door at 10:28ish… he drags to the car and painfully gets into it. We never open our shop doors before 11:10am. Every day! Sigh…

  6. My husband gets dressed quickly but he will ear the same clothes everywhere unless specifically told at least one week ahead. The prpblem is that he is potterer .. after getting dressed he potters about.. looking for things … doing things that .. checking things.. god knows what. I stand outside the door and waits for him till he is done with the pottering. seriously annoying.

  7. I am always waiting on my husband. I thinks it’s because he feels like it takes him 5 mins to get ready when in reality it takes at least 45mins. I tell him: “Come on hun you gotta get up and start getting ready.” Husband: “I will. I will.” 15mins later……”Come on babe you only have 20 mins hurry up.” Husband: “oh really? Okay.” Husband now walks slowly through the house getting ready. 30mins later I am sitting on the couch waiting for him to finish getting ready we are already late and he is still moving slow! Last time I check I was the woman!! Gotta love him and the fact that he denies that he’s the one we are waiting for every time. ❤

  8. My husband’s incessant tardiness kills me! I once had to wait 2 hours while he tried to get his hair ‘just right.’ He’s lucky he’s cute.
    It’s comforting to know that I’m not the only one who suffers so.

  9. This makes me laugh so hard! My fiancé takes FOREVER to get ready. With him it’s his hair. He’ll spend upwards of 10 minutes in front of the mirror patting it around until it’s ‘perfect.’ Then he’ll freak out if I touch it. In the meantime, I’m lucky if I remember to even brush mine!

  10. Lol I came upon this post while waiting for my fiance to get ready! He is in the shower now, we were supposed to leave an hour and a half ago. This blog has made me smile, and given me something to do while I wait longer. Thanks!

  11. Oh my gosh I feel you, my husband is such a diva. When we were married, he basically took over wedding planning and I just let him do what he wanted so I didn’t have to argue him, and so he could have the wedding of his dreams. We’re late all the time, he has twice as many clothes as I do. But what can I say I love the guy lol.

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