A New Game

I’ve come up with a new game!  It’s called, “Let’s see where my husband’s smelly, dirty socks have ended up today!” 

Here’s the clue:


Well, if  you said the baby’s changing table, you got it right!  (Seriously, is it just me or is that really gross?  I mean, my daughter’s bare butt goes on that table.)

Sorry, no prizes will be awarded for correct answers.  We’re not made of money, ya know.  (And if we do come into some money, much of it will have to be spent buying my husband new socks so maybe he can finally start putting his dirty ones in the hamper.)


15 responses to “A New Game

  1. Wife,

    If the socks were found on the baby’s changing table, doesn’t it stand to reason that the baby put them there?


    Husband (Annoying)

  2. Oh boy! I hope baby didn’t put it there. That would mean that the socks were in her hands and, more than likely, in her mouth!

  3. Rusty Shackleford

    They can’t be that dirty. It’s not like he’s out pouring concrete all day or wears them for a week at a time.

    • myhusbandisannoying

      Sadly, they probably are that dirty. Because he wears them over and over again, which is why he refuses to put them in the hamper. He’d rather leave them in some completely inappropriate place so that he can put them on again the next day. So yeah, they’re pretty gross.

  4. What is it with men and dirty socks? Grosses me out. This is one of the battles in our house as well…. There are lots of places that annoy me, and one of them is in the floor right next to the hamper. Really? lol. Men..can’t live with em, can’t legally strangle them… lol 😉

  5. My feet are fastidiously clean (you would WANT to eat oatmeal off of them) and infused with hints of fresh lingonberries, plums, cloves and cinnamon. Many times, I catch my children fishing through the laundry basket for one of my well-worn socks, which they rub against their faces like kittens with catnip. At first, I feel violated. Most times, though, I realize this genetic gift didn’t make the leap–I guess Mom’s DNA dominated–so I just shake my head, smile warmly and shed a single tear of sadness they will only experience this unbridled joy while they live at home. Unless, of course, I send care packages. When you make statements like “dirty” and “smelly” in reference to hubby’s socks, are you sure you haven’t opened your mind, and your nostrils, to some of the more subtle aromatic treasures you may find there?

  6. My husband takes off his socks and throws them in the SAME PLACE ON THE FLOOR every day (EVERY DAY). I am always tempted to leave them there to see how long they’d stay (actually, I know they’d get picked up on Friday by our housekeeper), but I just can’t stand to leave them. If I say something, he says that I should leave them for the housekeeper – that it’s my fault because I choose to pick them up instead of leaving them.

    Before he married me he left everything to the housekeeper. She loves me! Of course, I love her – I never had a housekeeper before (former husband wouldn’t have anyone in the house to clean – except me)!

  7. I have to admit that I’m guilty of leaving socks in places where socks should not be! I have a little basket by my bed, and I often leave my socks in there right before I go to sleep. Unfortunately, I often forget to remove them and put them in the hamper.

    I don’t understand how socks would get on the changing table, though! That seems like it would require extra effort!

  8. Hi
    Just wanted to let you know that I having been watching the TYRA show today in NEW ZEALAND and you were on today’s show so I thought I would look you up (I’m not sure how long ago it was filmed in America) but wanted to say hi and I will be following your blog. GO THE ROBOT!!!! lol

  9. I completely sympathise with you…. we have annoymous sock explorers in our household too…… I have started to collect all of the socks that I find of an evening, on the dining table chairs, stuffed down the side of the sofa, in the guest toilet and make one long row of them in the evening…. and my husband, who usually has to get up first in the morning, sees them and he is sadly not shamed – but he does pick them up and put them away….
    Also, I have started to collect all the junk he leave lying around all the time, including socks, computer magazines, thousands of t-shirts, belts, cups etc and I make sure that I place them in an enourmous, teetering pile on top of his toilet seat (thank goodness we have the luxury of seperate toilets) and when he rushes in after work, needing to go to the bathroom because he was stuck in a traffic jam for an hour, he is confronted by his junk mountain – right in the middle of a very inconvenient place hi hi hi hi hi hi *evil cackel*
    A little bit of revenge can be very sweet sometimes!
    I love your blog – I only discovered it last week, but I really look forward to reading it!
    Thank you.

  10. hate dirty socks

    How annoying! my husband does that too! i find them in random places, like under the couch,in between the seats,under the dining table,under the bathroom sink! anywhere!…and when its time to do laundry he gets all mad cause i only washed 2 pairs of socks!!! well maybe if he would put them in the hamper where they belong i would wash them all. There is no way im picking up his dirty socks, he wants clean socks he needs to put them in the hamper himself!

  11. At least he has perfected the art of throwing them together… My husband seems to toss them up in the air and where they land, they land until I pick them up… (Seriously! I’ve found one foot in the living room and in the bedroom…)

  12. Hi! I just googled “why is my husband so annoying?” and ended up on your blog. Now I’m staying up way too late reading all the old posts and I feel much less alone in my annoyance. I had to comment on this though because that changing pad cover (if that’s what that mint green fabric is) is so cute! Where did you get it?

    • Thanks for reading! I think it’s actually one of those receiving blankets being used as a changing pad cover but I honestly can’t remember where it came from. It feels like a million years ago!

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