Too Many Tissues

My husband has a habit of shoving a million things in his pockets and leaving them there. Tissues, receipts, pens, change and more tissues. The amount of tissues my husband goes through on a daily basis is enough to keep Kleenex in business for a long, long time. He likes to wad up the tissues and store them in his pockets so they can be easily accessible whenever he needs them. Listen, I’m not going to complain about my husband having all kinds of sinus issues and needing to blow his nose all the time. (But the snoring the sinus issues cause? Well, that is something I will complain about…and often do.) The problem is that he never empties his pockets before he throws his pants or shorts into the hamper. Ever. And because I always do, I’m just not in the habit of checking pockets before I put the clothes in the washer. I usually end up regretting that oversight because when the load is done and I go to take the clothes out, what I usually end up seeing is a washing machine full of shreds of tissue. Seriously, everywhere and on every piece of clothing in there. I then attempt to shake off all the clothes before I put them in the dryer but usually end up missing some shreds and also forget to recheck all the pockets for tissue remnants so when the clothes are done, they have even more tissue fragments adhered to them. This is how our hamper of clean, just-out-of-the-dryer clothes looks:

If I had some kind of a fancy photo editing program, I’d highlight all the tissues for you but this is a pretty low-tech blog. Also, sorry for making you look at my husband’s underwear.

I have often unknowingly gone to work with tissue shreds on the back of my shirt. There were also times when I’d see tissues on my husband’s clothes before he left for work and I debated whether I should tell him or not. I’m not ashamed to tell you that there were plenty of times I decided not to.

Besides tissues on our clothes, there are also always scraps of tissues on the floor like this:

My daughter is growing up thinking that it’s normal to have tissue shreds all over everything.

I suppose I should really start getting in the habit of checking his pockets before I do laundry. Either that or invest in some handkerchiefs.


44 responses to “Too Many Tissues

  1. Oh. My. God!! It’s wadded up paper towels with the Mr. at our house! Moved an ottoman to vacuum under this weekend… and there were about seven wads down there! Oh, and when he cooks… they look like an arsenal of snowballs ready for lobbing at any unsuspecting “unwelcomes.” Good call you, not informing Mr. Annoying about lingering tissue bits… Exit at your own risk, right? Funny stuff!

  2. Mine uses a hanky, but he is a paper towel re-user. Always finding used paper towels all over – his motto: unless it’s filthy, it’s going to be used again! I, on the other hand, am the one who leaves grocery lists in my pockets – the paper I use leaves nasty lint! Be grateful that Kleenex is so durable nowadays – the ancient stuff used to become impossible to remove lint after a stint in the washer/dryer.

  3. Sigh. I so feel your pain. I have washed nails, washers, nuts, bolts, cough drops, Jolly Ranchers, sunflower seeds, etc. We have some of the cleanest hardware any where I know. I’m tempted to put the sunflower seeds back in his pockets after I’ve done the laundry. They’re clean so what’s the harm? I refuse to empty pockets. If I’m washing, drying and putting away the majority of the laundry, then he and our boys can empty their pockets and turn their socks the right way. My boys like to leave change and money in their pockets so the new rule is that any money I find in the washer and/dryer becomes mine. In a way, I guess I get paid to do laundry! 🙂

  4. This makes me laugh so hard, sorry. Not only do I wash dishes exactly like your husband, but apparently, I also store Kleenexes exactly the same way. I am annoying!!!

  5. Go on laundry strike. My husband washes all of his own clothing now. He didn’t like the way I did it, and I refused to accept instruction on what he wanted. After a few weeks of that impasse, he started doing his own laundry. If he has forgotten tissues or anything else, they’re his problem!

    • when i was married i started doing that too

    • I just ran across this and must comment – dealt with this EXACT issue three days ago. Needless to say, four loads of laundry have been ruined because he will not take the time to empty his pockets. Chapstick 3x and most recently…a sharpie. yes, a sharpie. EVERYTHING was ruined. Let to WWIII and serious communication problems. Needless to say, he has an entire hamper waiting for him and my clothes? Clean and folded. not my problem.

  6. Just did the laundry today and guess what? Yup, tissue paper in the pockets, a sticky candy, some loose change… and a chip of wood???? Don’t ask, I didn’t! lol

  7. If it’s a big issue for you I think you should discuss it with him. He should be able to just as easily take all the tissues out as he puts them back in there. Plus he is wasting a ton of tissues because it sounds to me like he is using new ones every time when there’s a ton in his pockets. If they aren’t clean then he need to throw them in the trash.

  8. I thought I was the only one that found this annoying. I used to wash my husband’s trousers with everyone’s laundry in the family. Now I do his laundry separately, just in case I miss a tissue which ruins everyone else’s clothes!

  9. Reblogged this on Comedy in Crisis and commented:
    I bet there are plenty of ladies out there that can say been there done that aaaaaaaaargh!
    Visit this blog for a chuckle

  10. OH does this too, only it’s not only tissues but toothpicks, coins, eyedrops, paper money. It must be a “man thing”

  11. Let’s see….invest in some hankies or trade the man in…guess hankies will be easier…if you can train him to use them!

  12. so been there, done that, and sadly got the tissue covered t-shirt

  13. Chubby Chatterbox

    My wife complains about the same thing, even when she’s the one who grabs my pants without my knowledge and tosses them in the washing machine. If she tells me she’s going to wash my pants I make sure to empty the pockets. Somehow I’m supposed to know when she plans on doing the wash. The fact that she takes the responsibility of doing the wash and has done so on the same day for forty years is irrelevant. Isn’t it?

  14. My advice is…..if the worst thing you have to deal with is a pocket full of junk….and you are aware of it….then check his pockets and throw it out. Think yourself lucky my friend. Pick your battles, don’t nag about silly things like tissues. How you react to minor things like stuffed pockets will be the deciding fact of you looking back 20 years from now and laughing about it with him…..or you looking back 20 years from now alone wishing you didn’t say something about every little thing he did wrong.

  15. I’m the guilty party on this one. My husband does his own laundry. He got tired of waiting for me to do it.

  16. you are pathetic for taking pictures of this. if this is your biggest problem in life you should be thankful. Clearly you have too much time on your hands.

    • you should not condemn a person who is venting. sometimes there are no other outlet…these blogs help us cry, laugh, and feel relieved…if there are people to hear us out because of similarities or not, what’s wrong with blogging? i have no time and no friends….but here, I find some comfort to my life….

  17. Love the title of your blog so I have given you the Liebster Blog Award:

  18. its the pens left in the pockets that drove me crazy because a pen in the wash means ink stains on the entire load. we lost nice clothes that way. eventually i started to make him clean his own clothes in a separate load from everyone else. well we’re not married anymore so his laundry is his problem no matter what now, but now my kid…they put crayons, rocks, pieces of glass, tissue and other stuff in the pockets…it never ends does it?

  19. Ugh, I feel your pain!! My husband uses almost the whole Damn roll of toilet paper just to wipe his behind.I have to call maintainence at least twice a week to unclog the toilet

  20. i am crying i am laughing so hard! Thanks for the laugh? I am sorry your husband is so annoying- but not really cuz then i couldn’t laugj at this ridiculousness…all I can saw is, maybe he
    needs some Claritin?

  21. Well watch out – confuscious say “May you get what you wish for”…I too complained about this …now he’s resorted to piling. Everything that comes out of his pockets is placed in a nice pile …top O the fridge, mantle, dresser top…when I complain….I just find the whole pile in a new place!

  22. Gotta say, I am more like your husband and my husband is more like you–so when I do the laundry–well it ends up like your pictures

  23. You poor thing… luckily for me my husband is OCD about throwing his tissues out right away… and he has to flush them. That is right, the garbage just isn’t good enough! They have to be flushed! But at least I don’t find them in the washing machine. Tell them if he doesn’t start checking his pockets, you will stop washing them. I bet in no time he will be trained to throw his tissues out in no time! Or he will have plenty of dirty pants!

  24. This blog really IS helping me see the vast good in my husband lol. As far as I can remember, he has always emptied his pockets. I also don’t wash clothes unless they are in the hamper. He has also learned that if his clothes go in inside-out, they stay inside-out. It’s really no big deal. I definitely pick my battles with him and he has DEFINITELY improved his bad habits for the sake of our marriage.
    IF my husband did this, I would be making him pick off every piece of lint left behind OR he’d start doing his own laundry.

  25. Ya, husband’s can be really annoying most of the time. All I can say is, training, training, training – it helps really. They’ll change if they cherish the marriage, but we are idiots by nature, lol:) Keep posting, the pic’s are great!

  26. I miss you! come back!

  27. I enjoyed this. As a male, I believe I have an excellent suggestion which will alleviate this problem in your marriage. You know that trick which magicians do wherein they have a string of handkerchiefs tied together which seem to go on forever and ever? You should figure out how that trick works and then cram never-ending hankies into every pocket on every piece of clothing your husband owns. No more tissues, and ALSO it’s like your living with a magician clown, which I assume is everyone woman’s dream.

  28. We miss you! Come back! Wanted: More stories of your annooooyyyyyying, but sweet husband!

  29. I’m so glad I found your blog! I can TOTALLY RELATE!!!

  30. Let’s not forget the time he left a full newspaper in one of his sweatshirts. The wads were literally adhered to the clothes, so I made him take them outside to beat the wads off. Well, outside to him meant the garage…he def got the wads off but guess what? It looked like it had snowed in my garage! And guess who swept that mess????

  31. Haha, men have a tendency to shove the whole world into their pocket. Mary Poppins indeed.

  32. again, your story has made me laugh! I have done that before. accidentally left tissue, it is annoying! you should make him do the laundry at least once with his tissues and all and see how he feels about it… or just take all the wods from his pocket and leave it in a pretty little pile on his bed side, every time. 🙂

  33. YES! I feel your pain. I do my husband’s laundry separately now because I was tired of my clothes coming out covered in tissue fragments and sunflower seeds. I don’t know how anyone can throw clothes in the hamper without checking their pockets
    Also, balled up socks. My husband likes to ball his pairs of socks together before throwing them in the dirty laundry hamper. I either have to handle his crusty socks to unroll them, or, if I miss a pair, rewash the still-crusty socks that don’t get cleaned the first time.
    Love this website! I feel like I will be doing a lot of venting here in the future LOL

  34. Truthful Nacho

    Oh gahhhhhd. Bill up there is WAY annoying.

    “Oh teehee us men are just so stupid hope you don’t mind training us!”

    Um, yeah dude. This isn’t funny. This is men purposefully failing at stuff they don’t want to do. The behavior isn’t funny in the slightest, really. When a capable person and an incapable person work together, every screw up of his just takes time out of the capable person’s day.

    Dudes don’t believe they are stupid and need training. Not really, though they’ll lie about it all day. Men believe they are smarter than women. They believe this is evidenced by the fact that *we do their laundry* and such. Really pathetic on their part.

  35. Occasionally my hubby has a habit of wrapping up used gum and putting it in his top front pocket…there it stays unnoticed by me when I do the laundry. It gets washed and guess what? I still don’t notice it until I’m ironing and then that smell of melting peppermint rises from his shirt…..urghhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

  36. Suggestion — have your husband do his own laundry? Then he gets to deal with the tissues, and either he’ll change his behavior, or decide it doesn’t bother him. Problem solved.

  37. So annoying. My husband does the same thing and shreds of tissue end up all over the clothes and clogging the lint catcher. While there are lots of solutions the easiest would be for these men to simply empty their pockets before throwing their clothes into the laundry basket. It’s lazy and rude! It could be overlooked if this were the only annoying habit… But we all know that’s a fantasy!

  38. Lol! I have 2 teenage boys and have found all kinds of weird things in the washing machine- I found a white plastic trashbag last week – wth?

  39. My husband never leaves the house without a handful of Kleenex stuffed into his shirt pocket. I threatened to stop doing the laundry unless he made a serious effort to remove the Kleenex from his pockets before dropping his shirts into the laundry basket.

  40. I had same problem. How i fixed it js he died his s own damn LAUNDRY. He still does it. Oh well not on my clothes

  41. I think these are funny and i can so relate. Mine takes a dump while im brushing my teeth and stuffs things in the recliner which come out under neath for me to find. Mine has wonderful pluses like he is remodeling a house for me while working but definitely like your hubby has some annoying habits i could make a top ten list with. I wash the decoratove hand towel he wipes toothpaste on it, i put baby to sleep he comes home wakes him up for 5 min and wants to dump him off on me while i am cooking, pooping while im doing my nightly routine but only after watching his phone in work clothes for 3 hours then decides the second i go in is his chance etc….i cud go on

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