Packing Problems

This past weekend, my husband was registered to run the Disney Half Marathon. It was his first race in a while and my daughter has never been to Disney World so we thought it would be fun to make a little vacation out of it. Since his race was very early on Saturday morning, we decided to go to the hotel on Friday afternoon -right after we picked up the kid from preschool-  and stay through Monday. I had a surprisingly busy and stressful day on Friday and was out of the house most of the day so my husband said he would get all the packing done for himself and our daughter. “No problem,” he said. That should’ve been my first warning sign.

So, I dash home on Friday afternoon about 10 minutes before we have to leave. which gave me just enough time to throw my things in a bag. My conversation with my husband went like this:

Me [clearly worried]: Are you sure you’ve packed everything?

Him [smug and overly proud]: Of course! Look, I even remembered to bring the kid’s hooded duck towel in case she takes a bath. I’m a hero!

{Note: I’m not making it up when he called himself a hero. In fact, he did this numerous times on the drive there.}

Can you see where this is going?

Friday night as we’re getting ready for bed, my husband starts laying out all of his race stuff. Shirt: check. Socks: check. Running shoes: check. Shorts: um…no. He started frantically digging through bags only to conclude that he forgot to pack them. He ended up going to the hotel gift shop and buying an overpriced pair of bathing trunks to run in. Yes, annoying but I figured it was his problem and let it go.

Well, the next morning my daughter and I wake up (way too early) to go meet him at the finish line. It was still kind of chilly so I figured I’d put her in a pair of jeans with a t-shirt and throw a sweatshirt over that. I open her suitcase to get the clothes and find the following:

5 sets of pajamas, 3 shorts, a leotard and tutu purchased for her ballet class and 3 fancy dresses. That’s it. Seriously.

You know what wasn’t in the suitcase? Shirts. Socks. Underwear. Sweatshirts.

That’s right, 5 sets of pajamas for a 3 night stay but not a single shirt. Yep, a ballet leotard and tutu but no socks or underwear.

Oh, and by the way, that hooded duck towel he was so proud of remembering to include? Not only does the hotel PROVIDE FREE TOWELS but she never even took a bath while we were there.

Lesson learned? My husband will never, ever be responsible for packing again. And? When he says he’s a hero he will most likely prove himself to be entirely unheroic.

But, hey, at least he got a kiss from Minnie Mouse.




30 responses to “Packing Problems

  1. Um….I’m just disturbed that your daughter didn’t take a bath in 3 days??!!

  2. next time leave a list on his bag and her bag that states what to husband is an over packer also…we go for a weekend stay anywhere and he has to take a suitcase…I kid you not…and its full and heavy …we cant even share a bag for an overnight stay…hes also the one I am always waiting on to get ready to go…anywhere…we need to go to the store…I’m dressed and ready to go in under 5 and then waiting for him for at least another 20 and if he needs to shower 1st ? then you can figure that will be an hour wait…I told him its supposed to be the other way around ..its written in the book of womens law that the man shall always be waiting for the woman to get ready and he needs to read that book lol

  3. You do not need to bathe kids everyday, unless they are sweating and getting dirty. Go judge somewhere else.

  4. My hubby is a pretty good packer, but I took over that responsibility years ago. Even when he goes away for business, I pack his suitcase. He tells me what type of clothing he’ll need and I take care of it. We recently went on a 5 day cruise and I packed for 4 people. He had no clue where anything was when we go there, but that was okay because it was organized and efficiently done. The two times he has been left to his own packing, socks were curiously missing. The other time was for a business trip to Wisconsin in January and he forgot his winter coat. sigh.

  5. For the record, there was a pile of clothes carefully set out in the kid’s room and I mistakenly thought those were the “go clothes” that needed to be put in a bag. Sure, I suppose taking a close look at the clothes as I put them in the bag might’ve been a good idea, but I was busy screwing up my running stuff, you know?

  6. I’m pretty sure the times I let the hubs take care of some of the suitcase packing were when the t.v. remote control and cordless phone made half-way across country road trips with us.

  7. I’m just impressed that he took on the challenge to pack for his daughter and himself. My husband has NEVER packed a thing for our children and I’m still packing for him – no matter what my day may look like!

    • He took on the challenge but failed miserably. Consider yourself lucky that your husband doesn’t even attempt it!

      • You are rather ungrateful, when is the divorce? i have no idea how he puts up with you, and you your blog provides why wife and I no end of entertainment. We always realise it could be worse, we could be like you two!

  8. lol. hilarious post! Woman always have to take care of the details. :ox

  9. I just wanted to say Thank You for brightening up my days. I only found your blog a few days ago and I’m hooked (even passing the website address to my friends/family to read). Please continue. I’m single now but everything you say in your blog brings back so many ‘memories’ .. lol. Thanks again from across the great pond.

  10. Aww. Dude is trying. right?

  11. good gravy I wouldn’t let my husband pack anything but his stuff! lol too funny though!

  12. I get a thousand questions like, did we pack everything, are you sure, do you have the toothbrushes? On and on until I want to scream at him that I handled it, nevertheless it happens EVERY TIME that I forget something. Hence the questions start all over again the next time. I can’t win for losing!

  13. namelessfaceless

    your husband sounds amazing!
    an amazing twit, that is 🙂
    my own twit it used isnt even be able to do.. well, anything.
    when faced with packing, he just looks at everything all confused, until i finally do it.
    when he had to pack for me one time when i was admitted to the hospital, i gave him a specific list over the phone, which took about 20 endless minutes, he had supposedly written it down but when he brought it to the hospital,
    NOTHING i needed was there. it was all uncomfortable jeans and button-up shirts.
    for the hospital??

    it gets to the point,

    all you can really do is laugh *sigh4

  14. Love your blog!!! If I’ve learned one thing in life, it’s to never let a man pack. You probably would have been better off letting your kid do it…at least then you would have had some toys to play with:)

  15. From my experience, men usually do crap like that deliberately so they can avoid any responsibility in the future. Plus, when you discuss his last “efforts” he’ll turn around and accuse you of criticizing everything he does or not appreciating his “heroism”.

    After some of the stuff my husband (soon to be EX!) pulled like that I did wonder if I was married to a grade-A idiot. It’s usually just a way to manipulate and assert their power while avoiding responsibility for their actions.

  16. Truthful Nacho

    Julio and everyone else coming here to be sanctimonious about how often to bathe children is obnoxious. Cut the parent wars, people. You’re not better parents.

    To the author: Sorry your husband makes such overconfident yet underplanned moves. Dudes tend to want a cookie for trying even when they screw it up. Apparently, THEY NEED LISTS TO PACK A FRICKING BAG. Or maybe they just half ass it knowing that you won’t be asked to pack ever again if they do.

  17. I absolutely would have insisted that he ran in the hooded towel whilst repeating ‘I’m a hero’ 😉

  18. One time I was talking to a girl I work with about the way husbands pack things. She told me that she lets her husband do all the packing because he is so meticulous about it. He makes a big, long checklist and lays everything out on the bed. Then he goes through the list, checking things off. He also folds all the laundry. He’s very neat about that, too. He makes sure the socks are facing in the same direction and everything. I asked if I could have his autograph.

  19. Imagine how nerve wracking it is the first time you allow your teenage sons to pack for a trip themselves! Enjoyed your post. I have just begun blogging about my life with my husband.

  20. I’m struggling to see what the issue is. Everybody likes pyjamas.

  21. Loved the “I’m a hero” comment. My husband will wash a dish and then walk around the house for three days saying, “I’m Mr. Mom.”

  22. As a mom of two preteen boys, we make lists before a trip. My boys are expected to get the items and put them in their bags. Together we go through the list and check off items from the list. I hope this is teaching my boys how to pack.

    I do not pack for my husband of 18 years. It is too much to do. Lists and checking for my boys and my own packing…to add his would be too much. He is an adult and can take of this on how own. And if he forgets something, he will figure it out.

    My mom told me long ago, “Never start making lunch for your husband. You are his wife, not his mom.” She told me a lot of great things as a young girl! 🙂

  23. OMG… this blog is hilarious!!!

  24. Maybe you should date my dad, he raised us as a single father and when we would pack for trips no matter where we were going we always had to bring clothes for ANY weather and extra underwear. He monitored my suitcase until I graduated high school lol gotta love him

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