Running on Empty

My husband and I have two cars. There is generally one that I drive and one that he drives but sometimes we trade off depending on who is taking care of our daughter that day or who needs the bigger car. There is one thing that pretty much never changes, though. No matter which car I use, my husband has almost always left it without gas. You would think that by now I’d have learned to build a little extra time in my day to take the car that he left without gas and fill it up but for some reason it always surprises me. This morning I had to take the car that he has been using so I could drive our kid to school. We were running late and of course, this is what greeted me:


His response? (It’s the same every. single. time.)

“Oops. I didn’t notice.”

One of these days I’m going to throw out all of his coffee and when he asks where it all went, I’ll just say, “Oops. I didn’t notice that it all ended up in the garbage can.”


69 responses to “Running on Empty

  1. instead of filling up the tank just put in what you need to do what you need to do and then buy a gas can for the next time he drives it and runs out of gas …then it will be your turn to say oooopsie I didnt notice follow that up with a my bad

  2. Why not fill it up for him? Stop letting little things ruin a relationship.

    • I don’t “fill it up for him” because I’m his wife, not his personal assistant or his maid. We’re both adults and have our own responsibilities. As for letting little things ruin a relationship? I agree, that shouldn’t happen. But who says my marriage is being ruined? Writing a blog post about the annoying things my husband does is not indicative of a ruined relationship; rather, it’s meant to be lighthearted. My husband finds it funny and I find that once I write about it, I tend to be less annoyed. It’s like therapy but way cheaper. If you don’t find it amusing, I totally understand but you certainly don’t have to visit this blog.

    • Deborah, San Jose

      For him? Who fills up your tank for you? Got a PA, do ya? Maybe you should learn to do your own filling. Who said any little thing was destroying this relationship? Nothing in this blog, that’s for sure.

    • Ok, this idea is a bunch of crap. It gives way to the notion that wives are just perfect little maids who do everything for our husband without complaint or question.
      Well why can’t her husband take her needs into consideration? Ill tell you why. Because most guys only think about themselves and their needs most of the time.

    • My wife never fills my motorcycle when it’s low so why should her husband get such luxuries???

      • Deborah, Kent, Washington

        Does she drive the motorcycle? Is she the one who uses the gas in it? No, then do your own filling.

        • That’s what I meant Deborah. My wife doesn’t fill my motorbike so why should the lady have to fill her husband’s car when it’s empty?

          • Deborah, Kent, Washington

            Thanks for the clarification on your bike. But, I think you misunderstood her blog. He drives her car and then doesn’t fill it up. In fact, he doesn’t fill up his either, leaving her with no gas in either car.

        • I think you misunderstood my comment. No she doesn’t ride my bike & no she doesn’t use the petrol in it. And yes I do do my own filling

  3. Can we get back to the threat of destroying perfectly good coffee?

  4. Reminds me of how my husband transfers the car seat and stroller to his car when he drives our daughter around and then forgets to put them back in my car afterwards and takes off for work …. which ends up with daughter and me stranded on the curb with no car seat or stroller the next time we head out to go somewhere…. Grrr…

  5. LMAO!!! I dont know how u put up with him??? The coffee idea is genius tho! Don’t threaten, DO!!! Good Luck!

  6. If your husband is so “annoying,” why don’t you just LEAVE? The whole premise of this blog is that you all marry what you consider to be “diamonds in the rough,” then you expect them to conform to your demands.

    YOU were the one who badgered him to marry you. Now MAN UP and learn to live with him AS HE IS!

    • Where do you get that she “badgered” him? Whoa horsie! And the “you all?” Sounds like personal experience to me. Every married man I know is a happier and better man for it and loves the perks, including mine. Are marriages perfect? No, but men and women both go in with unrealistic expectations. Lighten up!

    • Deborah, San Jose

      Where do you get the information that she badgered him about anything? Talking from your experience I think, not any facts.

    • I quite like this blog...

      Why do you come to this blog / read this blog if you find the postings so annoying?

  7. Jeez guys. This is a funny blog, a relief valve. Lighten up and don’t take everything so seriously. Wife, glad to see a new post! Keep ’em coming 🙂

  8. Maybe you should just fill up the tank instead of writing a post that takes about twice as long! I’m sure if you were to stop, you would see that you would have more time for your productivity and maybe even have time leftover to work on an enduring relationship.

    No guy(strike that), NO PERSON likes to be written about in ANY negative fashion, just like you aren’t able to take a comment that disagrees with you, without getting defensive.

    BTW you should also note, the difference of the comments are indicative of their gender…

    • Deborah, San Jose

      Marc, you have obviously not read this blog much. Her husband is extremely proud of this blog and being the famous “annoying husband:. You seem to have brought your own issues in.

      • Proud?! Hah! If you seriously think that then you’re delusional. As I’m reading the comments all I see are a bunch if old ladies who have been married to someone they dislike for way to long. Get over yourself and fill up a Damon tank of gas.

        • Deborah, Kent, Washington

          No one’s delusional here except you. Her husband has said, openly, that he’s proud of her, her blog and being the “annoying husband”. What’s a Damon tank of gas, anyway?

  9. your lucky to be married at all you ungrateful stuck up bitch

    • Wow, where to begin? “You’re”. Where do you get the idea she’s ungrateful, stuck up or a bitch? I think you just hate women. Time for you to read a different blog.

    • Hahaha she is so rude by posting all these things about her husband it’s like has she ever heard of a diary? I agree with you 100% some women have way more to worry about in like than a tank of gas and tissues. I wonder what will happen when she has a real issue to deal with in her life.

  10. Thank you for posting again. I’ve missed your husband’s annoying antics. I happen to be the wife how always forgets to fill the tank up. And my car always manages to mysteriously refuel itself. Maybe your husband should look into getting my type of “self-refueling” vehicle.

  11. Be careful with the coffee…You might run afoul of the “stand your grounds” law!

  12. can’t believe there are actually women or shall I say WILDEBEEST like you out there! It’s no wonder SO MANY MEN are single nowadays!! ughh just the thought of having to be with someone who will complain for every single thing makes me squirm! you truly are giving men all the right reasons to stay single, thanks for the heads up W 😉

    • Yeah. Men, who invented marriage, the right to stay single. Easy to stay within your rights when no one is willing to go near you!

  13. I get where your coming from. We all get annoyed with our spouses at times. But I personally could not be with a woman that publicly put me down. Therapy or not, this stuff is on the Internet forever. To me part of a relationship is putting up with each other. Disagree with each other privately. Willing to hear each other with an open mind. If I found my wife posted a picture or story of me like this. I’d be upset. I don’t find it funny at all. And I am considered a joker amongst my friends and family. But this is just my cheap 2 cents

  14. Fill up his tank. Empty his sack. Keep your hair long. Stay Thin. Shut up. That is your job. If you can’t do it. Leave. We are done with mouth broads complaining all the time.

  15. I come for the annoying husband stories, stay for the butthurt dudecomments.

  16. I love this blog and I’m glad to see a new post! We all do annoying things, whether we are married or not, and the best way to deal with those things is to find the humor in them. I was disappointed at all the unkind comments on this post. I’ve followed this blog long enough to know that she loves her husband, he loves her, and he thinks its funny she writes about his annoying habits. Everyone who’s making comments about that she should leave him or that she’s a bad person should read more of this blog before they make any judgements. On second thought, people like that would still be critical of everything even if they read more of the blog. So maybe they should just find a website to post comments where their negativity is appreciated.

  17. In our home it is the other way around.

    As for pouring out the coffee, that is only a just retribution if your husband deliberately emptied the petrol tank, for example while driving across state to visit a mistress or something. He might genuinely be forgetful and need gentle instruction, for example, by “forgetting” to iron his shirts or similar. 🙂

  18. I’ve frequented this blog enough to both understand it and enjoy it. Being married myself, I can definitely relate in a lot of aspects as well.
    This is the first time I’ve actually scrolled down to read the comments and was incredibly taken aback by the amount of negativity and honestly, I just don’t get it. There seems to be a theme with the hater posts – “stop complaining and be the good wife you should be” This leaves me absolutely dumbfounded. Given the day and age that we live it, I just have such a hard time wrapping my head around that.
    I love how people state that you’re ruining your relationship and according to them, your marriage is just absolutely doomed. You sound like perfectly normal people to me, from what I’ve gathered from your blog. Any relationship (romantic/family/friends/etc) will have its fair share of annoyances and how you deal with them is what is important. In my opinion, making light of the little frustrations by blogging about them and sharing them with not only the readers, but your husband as well who seems to get a kick out of it, is a healthy outlet for you. If you can get it out, laugh about it and be done with it, that seems way better to me than being upset, holding it in and/or causing an unnecessary fight over something trivial.
    Keep on doing what you are doing. I know I enjoy and support it and will continue to do so.

  19. that would definitely drive me insane! Leave both of the cars on empty one day so he has no choice 😉 and like someone mentioned keep a secret stash of gas in a can. good idea!

  20. Wow, why so much negative energy! I have been blogging about my life with my husband and people will ask me, “doesn’t he mind?” Absolutely not! He loves it! It makes us laugh and brings back such fond memories. Keep them coming!

  21. I’ve missed your posts, and I’m SO sorry that so many have decided to “welcome” you back with such negative, mean-spirited comments! Nobody’s holding a gun to anyone’s head forcing them to read this blog. If they don’t like it, they don’t have to come back. I, for one, love it! Hope these bad apples aren’t getting you down.

  22. lots of butthurt going on here. I see a lot of “man up” phrases, maybe some should take their advice and stop acting like a whiny bitch.

  23. Ha! I love your blog! I can definitely relate to having an adorable husband who does annoying things. Like leaving the cabinet doors open when he gets a dish out. As if he’s going to put it back when he’s done with it? Oh well. Delighted to see a new post and sorry about the trolls that seem to be attracted to your site.

  24. Why couldn’t you just fill the tank? If had driven that car that day, he would have put gas in it (without blogging about it). Women always want equality right up until it gets to the toilet seat. Why can’t women leave the seat up when they’re done, or put gas in the car, or take out the trash, or mow the yard? You picked us. Why didn’t you make a better choice?

    • The point is, he did drive the car that day and left it empty instead of replacing the gas he used. Good thing she didn’t pick you; you’d just whine continuously. Instead, she and Mark picked each other and he loves her blog!

  25. Oh my gosh, I’m so happy you’re back and hopefully the negative comments won’t scare you away. I found your blog a few weeks ago and read every post in one afternoon! I know that you have a very loving relationship with your husband and I’m sure he loves all this attention 😀 Your posts are so hilarious… and this post in particular, so true!! Please please, keep posting!

  26. Glad to see some new posts!!! Not really sure why there are so many people who clearly don’t understand the concept of humour reading this blog… yikes. The nay-sayers should get out of the bitter barn and play in the hay!

  27. That is annoying! For more annoyances that extend beyond husbands, check out

  28. Just delete the abusive comments. They do it for attention. The more you acknowledge them, the happier they are. Delete their comments and they’ll go away.

  29. Your blog is hilarious! Keep it up. We love our husbands of course, but man they do some annoying things! I made a little jar up of corks last week for decoration, and my husband dumped them all over the table to use the bowl to house his fish while he cleaned the other bowl, and left it never cleaned it up. Then proceeded to tell me it was the stupidest decoration he’s ever seen (and maybe it was I guess) and that I should try (seriously, he was not joking) making darts out of them. UGH.

  30. This is my first time visiting your blog and I have to say that I find it thoroughly humorous and captivating. I’m a bit stunned by the defensive, rude comments and the way your words, at times, are being twisted around and used against you. That your husband is proud of the blog clearly shows his love for you so I don’t get the negativity and the “pretending” not to understand where you’re coming from with this.

    How I found your blog: Recently, I had a guest on my radio show who wrote a book entitled, My Husband has ADD and the Miraculous Discovery that Changed our Life. Linda is amazing. For 50 years she didn’t just put up with empty fuel tanks and packing mishaps; he brought them to financial ruin twice. I was going to her website to do something and when I saw the title of yours I just HAD to check it out. I’ll recommend your blog to her because it’s funny and extremely well-written, but honestly my first thought was to (LOL) tell YOU about her book (naturally, not to “accuse” but…perhaps?) .

    Like your husband, Linda’s husband Bob totally supported her writing a memoir about all the behaviors he exhibits and is not the least bit humiliated that their family, friends and all the world knows what went on behind closed doors. Their intention is purely to help others. The book is available on Amazon if you’re interested, and I would not be offended if you weren’t.

    You have a good thing going here and your wonderful personality shines in your words. Consider me a new fan. If you would like to appear on the show to talk about your blog and have a funny conversation, please consider this a formal invitation. Finding your blog today was no accident. Please email me if you are interested.

    Many Blessings,
    (Host of Spiritual Insights with Charlotte Spicer – Spirituality & Metaphysics Talk Radio on

  31. Love your blog!!! I haven’t laughed so hard In a long time. Keep writing!

  32. Love it!! Keep writing. You are very funny

  33. Next time he does it make him push you in the car to work.

  34. Gosh I know how a lot of couples can relate with this situation! Hah! Can’t wait for your revenge. Married life can be a mix of drama and comedy! What do you think?!

  35. Thank you for your blog!!!!! :)) I don’t want to give details, but I was feeling a bit frustrated with my hubby and this is giving me a good chuckle!! To all the grumps insulting and harassing you… please ignore them, obviously they don’t have anyone to be frustrated with.

  36. I don’t understand why so many people get their panties in a twist with these posts. It is hilarious to me and my husband, yes he reads them and yes there are a lot of things he does that are annoying as shit to me. But hey that’s the best part of our marriage, we get mad, argue it out and move on. This is one of those things he could totally see himself doing if we actually swapped our cars. Lol.

  37. I think this is a genetic defect linked to the Y chromosome. Thanks for the laugh!

  38. Funny blog. I once had a Boss that did this. His Company Car doubled as my delivery vehicle. It would so often be on empty with the warning light on when I needed to use it. One day he ran out of fuel. That was a great day indeed.

  39. Too funny!! I love how you are leaving nothing out… we ALL do annoying things… but to actually read about them is so funny! Great job!! And I hope your dude NEVER changes LoL… then we would have nothing funny to read. Cheers and have a great holiday season! Hopefully he doesn’t do anything to piss Santa off!! tommy

  40. New to your blog, LOVE your posts.. Light hearted and amusing! Brill x

  41. New follower for you. Do love your wry wit!

  42. I do this all the time to my wife. I don’t even notice it when I leave the car on Empty… and I get an earful each time…

  43. I could only read through so many of the comments before deciding to leave my own comment… I came across this blog because I google searched “no matter how much I try, my husband annoys me.”
    I think it’s GREAT that I stumbled across this because this is exactly what my husband does! It bothers me so much!! To find out that there are other wives who’s husbands do the same annoying things, makes me not only feel validated that I’m making a a big deal out of nothing, but makes me feel that we are normal and gives me hope that it’s something we will work through. I’ve only been married 2 years. Someone left a comment about husbands taking strollers and car seats out and not putting them back…. Been there too!! So yes we got 2 of each. Anyway, funny blog. Took the words right out of my mouth. And also makes me laugh. I won’t start filling up his tank but I’ll make more of an effort for it not to bother me so much anymore.
    Take care!

  44. It’s been years since you wrote your blog. I stumbled upon it when I googled my exasperation with my husband. My husband likes to push the limit on things–especially his gas gauge. This morning he left for a training seminar we paid for out of our pocket and is something that is important to him. We usually ride together for work, but this morning I was on my own. By the time I got to work he had called me 14 times. He had run out of gas and was between exits on the freeway. I didn’t know my phone was on vibrate and didn’t have the blue tooth synched in my car. Anyway, he is angry that I didn’t answer sooner, that we don’t have AAA, that he is missing his seminar, and … Our call ended with him screaming profanities of rage at himself, the car, probably me. We have been married almost 30 years. I have spent nearly all of those years taking care of him and whether it is because I am older and wiser or because I am tired, I’m not doing it any more. Every time I ride in his car it is low on fuel. There is a gauge that tells you how many miles you have left. It beeps every so often to remind you that you are running out of fuel. That same gauge tells him he is low on wiper fuel and he is over due for an oil change. When he does go to the gas station he puts $20 in because he doesn’t have time to wait for a fill-up. Now he is sitting on the side of the freeway fuming with out fumes for the car. Wonder how long he will be there? Wonder how long until I give in and rescue him? Wonder when he will pay attention to the warning gauges? Wish there was a warning gauge for our marriage, because it is in the red zone now.

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