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I got married in March, 2009 at the beautiful Carneros Inn in Napa, CA.  My husband and I had been mostly either long-distance or on-and-off in the years preceding our marriage and so, when the hubby moved in with me just 2 weeks before the wedding, I really got to discover just how annoying he can be.  Don’t get me wrong – I love my husband tons but Dear God, he can irritate the crap outta me.


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  1. LOL…too funny! I love your brash sense of humor. After 21 years of marriage and YEARS Of begging her to stop chewing gum with her mouth open she continues to do it!!!

    It still takes work to focus on her good qualities. I’m sure I am annoying, too. Life, marriage, whatever…its a journey like no other, eh?

    • Your blog is hilarious! I feel like I could have written it myself! I love my husband so much but he can be soooo annoying. I have been laughing so hard as I have been reading your posts. Good to know I am not alone ~ please keep them coming!

    • You are hilarious! Yes, it’s good to know that the rest of us are not alone… however, the bad news for EVERYONE is that it doesn’t change as they mature! Dropping the dirty underwear on the bathroom floor for you to pick up continues, as does leaving the soda/beer can wherever he was when he took the last swig… it only gets worse! Prepare ladies, cause you can’t change them!

      • My mom-in-law and I agree that this is a hilarious site! My hubby is definitely into leaving dirty clothes, candy wrappers, empty plates, and everything else wherever he happens to be at the moment. It’s usually piled up by the computer or overflowing to under the desk, since he’s online almost constantly when he’s home. I love him, but I have to say I’m enjoying him being in Iraq at the moment. For a little while longer, I can go enjoy a meal at a restaurant without him embarrassing me with a loud, rumbly belch. For a little while longer, I can just clean up after my kids, not my hubby. For a little while longer, I can sleep peacefully without being kept awake by snoring. But as annoying as he is, I’ll be glad when he comes home.

        • myhusbandisannoying

          Cathy, thanks for your comment. Our thoughts are with you and your family; we appreciate your husband and all others who are serving.

    • I have bad news for yo honey. You and your husband are in the “good years” wait untiol the kids come. Then you’ll fly past annoying and land somewhere bewteen obnoxious and idiotic.

      Sweetir, these are your good old days! Enjoy them.

    • This morning, after a night of my husband’s annoyances, I woke up and Googled, “My husband is annoying” because I was looking for some self-help tips! Gosh, I didn’t know if there was anyone as annoying as my husband, and thank goodness, I now know I am not alone!Thanks so much for this blog, it is now one of my favorites!

      • OMG- I did the same thing after I thought I just can’t deal with my hub’s annoying behaviour-lol!!!!! In some odd way, it made me feel ‘strangely’ better to know that this is a common problem with lots of wives like ourselves; I started laughing out loud and crying (not literally) simultaneously after reading your post.

    • I would legit kill this man

  2. This is great. I’m glad to see it’s possible to love someone endlessly even though they annoy the everloving crap out of you.

  3. Ugh, keep in mind that it really takes a long time to really get to know someone and during that time is only one word to describe how one person can drive you to think, say and do things you never thought possible.

    • hey wanted to see if this would send..im going past annoyed to i dont want to be around him..i feel bad…but not that bad..tiff

      • Finally I’m not alone! My BF says some of the weirdest things that just don’t make send. He thinks he’s hysterical but I’m at the point of “OMG” I can’t take his embarrassing me in public anymore!

  4. My wife and I just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. I love her dearly, and I’m pretty sure she loves me, but I think I frustrate the hell out of her (unintentionally). It’s a process – a maddening, gut-wrenching, tectonic process – which keeps bringing us back together.

    • You’re out of your mind. An mature man would work to grow and develop a healthy relationship. By the sounds of it, you’re going to drive her senile.

  5. OMG I have finally found someone else with as an annoying husband as mine! We have been married 20 years this year and I find myself very close to throttling him every so often … yet we are still together lol.

    I will be reading with interest :o)

    • just googled my husband is so annoying to see if anything came up and after 19 years I guess I am just a step behind you. WE have the same arguments all the time…this one about who we are entertaining. He actually suggested we spend NYEve alone…meanwhile, I am an early bird and he a night owl…we are still together as well but, if I didn’t have my dog to walk I would kill him some times.

  6. Very funny! Keep it up as I now have you in my favorites!

  7. Ok you made me laugh my butt off!!! Mr. Wright is most definitely single and that’s cause he doesn’t have a sense of humor about life or himself like it is obvious you and your husband do. The ability to laugh at yourselves the way you do promises that you will have many long and happy years together. Thanks for sharing.

    • myhusbandisannoying

      FYI, the comment by “Mr. Wright” was deleted because it really crossed the line. I fully believe in free speech; there are many comments on this blog criticizing it and me, including some that I found insulting, but I left them on anyway. However, I won’t tolerate hate speech and personal attacks that go way beyond somebody disliking the blog.

  8. wow, i think you and this blog are annoying, try being nice to him, maybe he will stop. perhaps you should remember when you lived alone and be thankful you have someone

    • Admit it, annoying your wife is part of your job! It makes relationship more interesting.

      • No.. it’s not a part of your job. Life is hard enough to deal with a house, children, the bills and take care of a grown man. A healthy relationship starts with grown adults.

  9. Thanks for the laughs!!! Love the sense of humor you have!

  10. Great blog! I’m an annoying wife. Similar to you guys, my husband and I were long distance/on and off and didn’t live together until not very long before our wedding. The result was…interesting. We are nearly at the 2 year mark and living with someone else’s habits gets more fun and less stressful every day. Little things we still disagree on:

    1. Toenails do not need to be clipped INTO the toilet.
    2. He gets hot and likes to sleep with a loud AC on that sounds like a plane engine. I get hot but prefer the quiet.
    3. I don’t like team sports (never really have, just wasn’t something my family did) he loves them. Enough said.
    4. His family lives close by. Mine are overseas. Again, enough said.
    5. Being a man, he probably feels emasculated that I know more about fixing up the house than he does (he would probably argue me on that point, but SERIOUSLY. I have never met a man who cannot estimate a measurement to within a couple inches. He is usually way off.)
    6. I suspect like most men, he likes to be patted on the back for every minor achievement. Like correctly estimating a measurement.

    I could go on, and I’m sure he could produce a similar list about me, so I’ll just leave it at that…keep up the funny work !

    • LOL I have a few other to ad to your/my list above.

      1. Doesn’t know how to take care and feed himself and most times he isn’t hungry for the supper I provide for the family. (He’s on PC)

      2. Doesn’t make eye contact with mom, nor the children when they are speaking to him. He doesn’t respond with reasonable responses either.

      3. Nothing he does is completed 100%, that is, if he even gets around to doing anything in the home.

      4. I take care of the house, home and children and mortar repairs, and furnace repairs, and painting, and car shopping and house purchase and of course, all of our children’s homework.

      5. He spends money like water. Meanwhile, I could probably apply for welfare and food stamps and live a better life than we do on $108,000.

      6. He eats fast food and buys single bottles of pepsi like there is no value to purchase in bulk.

      7. God forbid he ever get around to doing anything outside unless I haven’t done it and it’s well overdue to be done. (ie. cutting lawn, or even putting the lawnmower away after he’s finished a cut here and there each year)

      8. Nevermind the fact that he doesn’t take care of his house and parent his children, he also doesn’t take care of himself. I really don’t know how someone can without brushing and taking care of your teeth.

      9. He has a work story, I listen. I have family and stories about the children, (no eye to eye contact and no reciprocation.)

      And he loves me!

      • My husband shares all of those qualities plus I have a few more to add.

        1. He has no friends or connections
        2. He has no interests, hobbies, or goals
        3. He spends the entire weekend watching TV
        4. He has no desire to ever bond with his children
        5. He doesn’t know how to repair anything correctly so it is left half-done
        6. He lacks confidence and is very insecure. (a real big turn-off)
        7. He eats junk food every waking minute of the day
        8. He is completley clueless about current events so there is nothing to talk about with him
        9. The only time anything gets done is if I nag him to death about it.

        But I am his world! lol

      • @JUSTER .+ @FED UP. as someone with Aspergers .. it sounds to me, like your hubbys might have Aspergers as well .. the no eye-contact, the procrastination of chores, the lack of sensible spending / impulse buying ..the half finished jobs… no friends .. almost everything on those lists, screams Aspergers LOL .. of course, I could be wrong..

        • Omg! tautonlake…..: I swear that’s part of my husbands problem!!! Asperger cause I’m sure my son has it .But with all the work I do w him Hes learning the things my husband didn’t . So I HOPE he’s marriage will BE BETTER THEN MINE ! I don’t get as annoyed w my son cause he’s learning . My husband …. Heck no ! I’ve been trying to teach him since 2006 and he still doesn’t know what r fricking names are !!!

        • I have a family member with Aspergers (not my husband … lol) and it does sound familiar!

    • Teeheehee … well, be thankful that you don’t sit on toenail clippings when you try to sit on the sofa and/or step on them (ouch!) because my husband slings the clippings everywhere when he clips his (and I do mean EVERYWHERE)! lol …. But my husband is so sweet, so even though I find it annoying, I just sweep the clippings up. I am positive that I have habits that absolutely drive him bonkers too. Yet, he forgives me for my obvious imperfections (and there are more than a few). Nobody is perfect. However, my husband is perfect for me … cuz, basically, he’s the best person I know.

  11. This blog rocks! Haters simply do not have any sense of humour. I love my hubby to bits but I often feel frustrated, hence I understand you 🙂

  12. I have never laughed so hard as I did when I read this – I think your husband and mine could be long lost brothers. I even read some of it to my husband and he agreed. He also agrees with your husband that sneezing can be a traumatic experience. One of the annoying things my husband does is he is constantly holding a personal cocktail party for himself. When he is home, he is always eating cheese, crackers and grapes like he is at some party that only he was invited to. He usually has some wine or rum and coke too, but puts in a glass that hides it so I don’t know.

    Keep up the blogging – too funny!

  13. HOLY cow could I fill up a blog like this! Great stuff. Your husband is a good sport.

  14. I find this site very disrespectful to both your husband and yourself.

    Marriage is a living partnership that is sometimes difficult or irritating since it forces us live our lives in rhythm with another human being. Every married person knows how hard this can be.

    Your divisive words only illustrate where your head is at. That you take the time to vent publicly is evidence that this marriage probably going to be rough and short-lived.

    Best of luck to your husband.

    • LIGHTEN UP! She obviously loves the guy but, like everyone in a healthy relationship, needs to vent. This is a hilarious blog, and he is obviously a sweet guy and a good sport.

    • I agree w/Kristin. This is hilarious and not meant in a disparaging way. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. What got you here anyway?

    • The great thing about this blog is that she obviously loves her husabnd despite his many annoying habits. And he obviously loves her right back.

    • Far out some people take themselves waaay to seriously. I would rather live with someone who can laugh at their faults and mine than pretend it’s ok and have the stiff-upper-lip thing going on. Declaring the faults is like therapy for some people with the added value of entertainment for others. The stiff upper lip types would rather pretend they and their partners are perfect and pay thousands for therapy in secret. Joke’s on them!!

    • I so agree with you Michael. Marriage, and relationships are of two equal partners working together even when times get rough. All of you women out there stop bitching and complaining because there a lot of women who want to be married whether they are single or not! Then there is those who are alone and want to fall in love and stay in love with a man. For example, my boyfriend and I are together for 2 years and we are in love with each other like crazy! We are STILL in our honeymoon phase and it’s never ever going away, and we love it! We rarely fight or argue. And when we do, we always always always make up before going to bed because we don’t know what tomorrow brings. Yes,we have days where we annoy each other; sometimes we realize it right away and stop, and other times we catch it too late. We chose to live together, to stay together as a couple and as best friends, through the thick and thin. Whenever there is a problem, WORK IT OUT!!! Instead of bitching, whining and complaining like an immature brat be thankful AND grateful for the man YOU decided to marry and love. And like Michael said, by you voicing your frustrations in public clearly shows that you and your husbands communication is really poor and that you rather tell strangers what’s going on then sit down with your man and talk it out. Here is another thing, there are men who are out right now cheating on their girlfriends and wives, or abusing them, beating them, not helping to provide for them or their kids. It sounds like you have a good husband who loves you ( and love is literally everything because it gets people out of the toughest situations). Ask yourself what is it that YOU’RE doing wrong or saying wrong and go from there maturely, calmly, patiently,tenderly and lovingly. And then ask your husband the same thing and hear what he says about your flaws and annoyances, and have a good discussion about it without jumping to conclusions or getting angry and stomping off like a little girl who can’t handle being in a marriage.

      That’s all I wanted to say. And yes I know this is pretty long to read but I think it’s worth it. So whether you choose to take advice or not or read this whole thing or not is up to you.

      I really hope your marriage worked out or is going to work out.

  15. I believe that you have married my husband’s long lost twin.

  16. Christina Carson

    I regret to have to inform you that your husband is a bigamist. While his photo looks nothing like that of my husband, his behaviors are identical. I suggest we make like Dolly Parton and Jane Fonda in “9 to 5” and hog tie him for a worthy ransom. What say ye? Oh, and by the way I think every woman I have ever met is also married to this same man. It seems we have a cloning issue also adding to the insanity. Please advise our next move!

  17. Bklyn Heights Gal

    I love your blog! It’s funny. I’m not reading into it as much as other people, I guess. People are taking this way too seriously. I’m looking forward to each new annoying post.

  18. As a husband of almost 12 years I am deeply offended by this accurate portrayal of a relationship…It is a duty, nay a mandate that at times we must annoy you to no end. This is retribution for terrible things we must endure at our partners whims.

  19. I’m pretty sure I annoy my fiancée, so I emailed her a link to your blog to remind her that the alternatives may not be much better. Then I realized that I might be more annoying than your husband, in which case this will backfire.

    Please step up the level of annoyance, exaggerate if necessary. Thanks.

  20. Fair and balanced!
    Open to all.

  21. You are fantastic!!!!

    Your blog had me in stitches!!!

    Best of luck to the both of you… keep up the blog – I’m going to make it a regular reader during the week…

    BTW – I wonder if your husband is in fact my younger brother…..

  22. Wow.

    Please don’t take this as me condemning you…(well, maybe a little, but I’m genuinely curious about your perspective).

    I can’t imagine marrying someone who annoys me so much…seems counterintuitive to me.

    It seems you’re reconciled to being married to someone who annoys you, and you’re going to address your frustration by disparaging your husband to the world?

    Is that just my paradigm on this? How do you see it differently than I do?

  23. Just ran across your blog – it gave me a lot of laughs – thanks! I, too, have an annoying husband who is a great sport!
    They’re the best kind! 🙂

    Can’t wait to follow along!

  24. I don’t understand why this blog warrants so much media attention. It’s terribly cliche. There is nothing unique about the topic or the writing style. There’s nothing wrong with being an average married couple with average daily occurances and annoyances (join the crowd), but this is representative of everything that is wrong with creative nonfiction today. Maybe your husband should be writing it instead.

    • Oops, sounds like SOMEONE is a frustrated blogger with zero followers! So sorry, Kris. Keep trying! Here’s a hint: If your “creative nonfiction” is as stilted as your comment, you may want to consider taking up knitting instead. Knitting can be fun, too!!

  25. I for one think you are just a whining complaining witch. If I were your husband the divorce process would have been started already.

  26. I wouldn’t blame you if you decided one day to smother him in his sleep with his own green sweater.

  27. What a great blog! I often (and I do mean often) get annoyed with my darling husband, but after 7 years I’ve learned to laugh at his ‘endearing’ habits. Or leave the room…

    A couple of my favorites:

    Does the reply to all my comments need to be “10-4”?
    Why, oh why, can you get to the clothes hamper but yet only hang the clothes off the side EVERY SINGLE TIME? Go the extra mile and drop them in all the way!
    Must we think of every dollar amount in terms of how many cases of beer that would buy?

    Good for you both for having the sense of humor to laugh at yourselves. That’s part of keeping your marriage happy.

    • HAHAH The “10-4” comment got me. My husband is a Marine. He has been in almost 4 years and is getting out this September. And let me just say that being married to a military man is all the annoying of a normal husband X all the annoying of “military logic”.
      Shea says things like “10-4” or “Roger” all the time, as well as telling me everything in military time “I’ll be there at 1800”. I could go on and on with this list of military jargon.
      My hope is that once he gets out in September he will revert to normal annoyance… but I fear I might have to live with the military level of annoyance for ever. (Good thing he looks sexy in his uniform!)

      • Funny…my hubby was National Guards. Now we know where that came from. But I’m sorry to tell you that after more than a decade, he still keeps all the habits. And, bonus, often asks me if I’m capable of performing various feats he performed in boot camp and in other training exercises (and no, I can’t “hike 20 miles in snow shoes in Alaska in February.”). And he has this weird hang-up about pleats in his pants (including old jeans), how the bed is made, etc. Sigh.

      • I would have to agree with you in regards to the “military jargon” I have been with my boyfriend (he’s been in the army for 19 years) for 2 years now and it still drives me crazy when he speaks to me like I am one of his soldiers. I hear words like “phenomenal” “outstanding” “unacceptable” which I feel are all military preaching’s! And as far as military time – don’t get me started…I don’t care to even learn it…just tell me in “civilian time” and ask me to “disregard” nothing!!!! *sigh*…gotta love your soldier though!

      • my fiance is in the army, so everytime he says he wants to pick me up at a certain time, he uses military time. then he tries to use military strategy on video games. he, like deandra’s boyfriend, uses terms like “phenomenal” or, my favourite, “carry on”. seriously, baby, i’m not a private… but i do love him, so i guess his quirks and military mind are easy enough to deal with…

      • No…He won’t lose the military annoyances…my husband has been out of the Army for 2 years and he still answers with “Roger that” (or “rgr tht” if he is txting) all the time. Lol. Oh and then there is “Disregard” all the time too. *Sigh* I guess I am lucky he uses “civilian time.”

    • haha! my hubby is in the army and he does the “rodger” or my favorite (most annoying) “rodger dodger” and of course he cant say it in a normal way, oooh no its in a per-cylible unciated way. But I love him all the same. Oh and the military time (24hour standard) drives me up a wall!

    • My boyfriend drops the clothes beside the the clothes hamper…. >;(

      • Lol mine does the same exact thing! Lol! And when he does I freeze, look at him for a minute or two and start laughing cause he’s so cute and sexy when he does it. And sometimes we would make a game of it where when he starts throwing his clothes (one by one just to make it hard on me) I would stand by the hamper and try to catch each one as fast as I can and throw it in the hamper before the second piece of clothing comes flying my way and before it ends up on the ground lol! Oh man I love my sexy sexy man! 😀

  28. Found this while on twitter.com – from ComedyCentral. This is funny stuff – many of us can relate. Look forward to more…

  29. I’m really upset with this site – only for the fact that I do not own the domain name LOL!

    I love it!

  30. you are way too funny, i was crying while reading……………thank god that the news gave you props!!!!!!!!!!!1 Keep up the good work

  31. OMG I love this.. Thank you channel 32 for telling us about it. Your marriage will last a long time cause you have humor..If you can’t laugh at each other then you have nothing… Those other are just haters…Keep us laughin

  32. Love, love, LOVE your blog! Marriage is a wonderfully funny adventure and I love your spin on it. I’m glad I have something so entertaining to read. Thanks! Looking forward to reading on…

  33. myhusbandisannoying

    Thanks to everybody who appreciates the blog and gets my humor! My husband and I laugh at each other all the time (believe me, our marriage is fine) and I know that other people who have a sense of humor will see that the blog is supposed to be fun. We hope that all of you that do enjoy it will share your stories so we can all laugh together!

  34. You are HILARIOUS! Our husbands must have been separated at birth. Mine will talk in an annoying voice for such an extended period of time that if I can hold out and bite my tongue long enough, he stops and says he’s even annoying himself.

    The people posting mean and hateful things must be very sad and lonely indeed. You’re husband is annoying but obviously loving, funny, wonderful and understanding since he’s on board with this blog. I’m suspect of anyone who says they don’t ever annoy their spouse or are annoying to their spouse ever.

    We live in NYC too and should go on a double date so our husbands can annoy the world together and we can commiserate 🙂

    Thanks for articulating my daily life so beautifully.

  35. while i do think the idea is cute and entertaining, i think you should consider your husbands feelings because if i was him this would upset me, he seems to be the submissive one in the relationship so i doubt he tells you. would you like it if he notified the whole world of annoying stuff you do? “my wife flushed her tampon, theres toilet water everywhere..” or “wife is on her period, is being such a..witch!” or “wife cooked another disgusting meal today, snuck most of it to the dog when she wasnt looking” etc etc… i know i wouldnt be happy if my husband posted the innermost details of our marriage to the whole world. (me)”what are you doing honey?” (him)”oh just telling the entire world how annoying you are, be done in a minute.” yeah, i dont think so!!!you marry someone because you trust them to witness your not-so-great side, and still love you, and hopefully not tell the entire world about it! if i wanted others to know this stuff, id marry them!!! also ive found that discussing your marriage problems with other people is VERY destructive to any relationship. nonetheless the entire world. just my opinion. also i wonder what his family thinks about this, especially the mother in law. like i said i think the idea is cute, but i dont think its good for your marriage. because frankly it would piss me off if my spouse did this.

    • WOW – I feel sorry for you. Obviously all marriages run on a different operating system. Theirs seems to be just fine… get a (funny) life!

  36. My wife is never annoying.

  37. Hey, I think your “annoying” husband is pretty funny and quite adorable. Have him email me when you figure out that you just wanted to be married and didn’t really mind to who, then your guy can be released to someone who appreciates his sense of humor and doesn’t try to emasculate him on a blog that only makes you look like humorless fool.

    • haha–I agree with Lynne. My husband has a lot in common with yours, but I don’t find any of it “annoying”. They’re actually things that make me like him more and make us compatible. The last thing I’d do is write a blog complaining about him for the world to see.

  38. i think this is FABULOUS. i swear, i feel like i am married to YOUR husband. ten months into our marriage, we didn’t live together prior either, and as we SPEAK, his annoyances are in FULL FORCE. laying on the couch after “HIS LONG DAY.” ( i work full time too, come home, cook, keep house clean, shop, and EVERYTHING ELSE.) i purposely have left the garbage to see HOW LONG and HOW MANY TIMES i have to ask him to take it out. . “Tomorrow, i’ll take it down.” as for the LAUNDRY . .drum roll. .. all he has to do is CARRY IT ACROSS THE STREET.! we have our laundry done, the one “luxury” we have afforded ourselves becuz of busy schedules.. . and now, he has NO CLEAN UNDERWEAR! LOL. and i just laughed and screamed at him about him having no clean underwear, and how would HE feel if I HAD TO wear the same underwear two days in a row? the taking off of clothes, leaving them where he drops them, the PILE of socks in the bottom/back of the closet. . .the wrinkled clothes , the HEMORRHOID problem he refuses to go have checked out, the unpaid tickets he waits for the last minute to pay (with HEFTY penalties) , the dishes in the sink . ..aaah,a it’s endless! the gas, burping, fart jokes, . ..what a treat that is! GRRR! ! ! ! marital bliss! ! yes , i love him. but he irritates the F*c*ing crap out of me DAILY! !

  39. HILARIOUS…..I can relate! Keep it up

  40. HA….. thats all you can say to this blog believe me i’m only a KID! But….my boyfriend does the very same thing i first thought the sweatshirt was cute until he wore it everyday!…..Boys what are we gonna do with THEM

  41. I hope your work gets published. I think all brides-to-be need to be warned in advanced about all the annoying habits husbands are just dying to get out after exchanging vows and rings. This is a brilliant idea! Kudos!

  42. love it! what’s with people taking this so seriously? it’s obvious that you find him endearingly annoying, i don’t see how anyone can take it any other way. you are lucky to have found yourself a smart, quirky, funny guy! i’m only 20 so i’m in no rush, but hopefully i’ll be lucky enough to find a guy along those lines one day. keep up the writing!

  43. Your poor husband! Sounds like he’s a decent guy, and yet spend so much of your energy not only finding fault with him, but documenting it as well. Here’s a tip: if you want your marriage to succeed, try spending as much time appreciating the good things he brings into your life as you do writing about how much he annoys you.

    • I don’t think she is being disrespectful at all. I think they are secure in their relationship and know humor is the key to great marriage. My husband and I are madly in love and we laugh everyday. If I had her writing skills, I would do the same. My husband would find it funny and know it comes from a loving place. Everything my husband does is funny…I only wish I was funny! Her husband probably reads the blog and says out loud “man, I am one funny guy…” I have to wonder if you are in a relationship where you get upset over spilled milk and get jealous if your significant other looks at someone else.

  44. This is awesome. I heard about it this morning on the radio and i live in Florida. Keep up the good work. A

  45. this is great! i, too, have an annoying husband. what’s interesting about it is a lot of the time he annoys me AND he’s absolutely right about whatever it is… the annoyance is helping me be a better person. p.s. i annoy him too. we are, however, madly in love!

  46. @MD

    The reason people take it so seriously is because of what it reflect in lack of respect towards her husband. She’s making fun of someone she supposedly loves…which is NOT cool…one of those things you learn in kindergarten.

    She’s airing her “dirty laundry”, as it were.

    I wonder how those who agree with this idea would feel if their partners did the same thing?

    My guess is they’d be royally ticked off.

    • if you read their interview on aol, she says that she runs absolutely everything by him that goes onto this blog including pictures. i think that’s very respectful! her and her husband just share a different sense of humor than you, which is why i can understand how you view this blog the way you do.

  47. OMG, I nearly fell out of my chair reading this….it is SO SO SO my darling husband. Kudos to you and your husband for being open and honest about marriage and life! Can’t wait to read more!

  48. *****SIGH*****, nag, nag, nag.

    Any ways. Whats your husbands secret for drinking so much beer and not gaining a pound.

    I like your site. It reminds me of home.

  49. It’s obvious to me, as the 25-year bride of another “annoying husband” that this lady LOVES her man. Just because she writes about his quirks doesn’t mean she’s disrespecting him. His annoying quirks are obviously outweighed by his endearing qualities.

    A sense of humor is one of the requirements for a lasting marriage. Some of the posters on here should get one.

  50. Hi there,
    Delighted to hear you’re thinking about coming to Dublin. This is John from Newstalk Radio in Ireland. We were reading about your blog and were wondering if you might be available to join us on our show at some stage?
    Many thanks

  51. Picking on each other is flirting!!! It’s my favorite thing to do and only because I have so many flaws myself! Anyone who does not understand that does not have a fart-joking significant other who licks his plate when he thinks you aren’t looking, all while proclaiming his farts DO NOT SMELL. You’re right honey, that smell could be your breath from those three double onion chili cheese dogs you ate. And ohhhh…. the iphone farting app – don’t ever let your husband find that!!! I love the blog! I also love jack and diet…. but that has to wait until 6pm.

    • Love My Husband

      Oh my goodness! My husband licks the plate right in front of me. And sometimes in a restaurant. Although, he does check to make sure no one else is looking.

      • Mine licks his plate in right front of me too! Sometimes he’ll catch me watching him and pause, consider stopping, then keep going. Gross! I have, however, managed to get him to hold back in restaurants, so I’m thankful for the small things 🙂

  52. (begin white trash comments….. i’ll read them later when i’m drunk)

  53. GREAT BLOG – I was just recently considering doing something along the same lines 😉

  54. I found your blog this morning and love it! Good for you and your husband for taking annoyance in a totally different direction! It’s very obvious that you guys love each other and humor plays a big part in your relationship.

    If my husband and I could laugh together about what annoying things we each do, we’d be much happier.

    Adding your blog to Google Reader…

  55. Wow, I am at work right now trying to read your blog without snarfing out loud! You are making me feel so much better about my boyfriend’s “juvenile disruptions” on our relationship!! You are a fantastic writer/story teller. I think I will be laughing all day about “This is a private residence!!” It sounds like you are a wonderful couple with a fantastic sense of humor. Keep up the comedy–I’m convinced it’s the key to the universe ;o)

  56. OMG This is so freaking funny…. I am so happy I found this site.

  57. “I wonder how those who agree with this idea would feel if their partners did the same thing?

    My guess is they’d be royally ticked off.”
    I make fun of myself everyday! and so do my friends and family. i am definitely weird and annoying, and i wouldn’t mind at all if i had a husband who wanted to write about my habit to sing songs about my dogs in an opera voice while doing dishes (i’m utterly tone deaf by the way) or something equally annoying/strange. she is joking! she’s not being malicious at all, you can tell she loves her husband very much. if you can’t laugh at yourself and surround yourself with people who do the same…life is bound to be very dull, not to mention stressful/tense.

  58. Funny and insightful. Sounds like a great (if occasionally annoying) relationship. Good luck! Maybe we can take up an online collection to get him a new (not green) sweater…

  59. How can I subscribe to your blog? I can’t find a link to click or anything. Am I blind?

  60. I think this is the funniest stuff I have read in a while. The “fart” jokes are hilarious. My husband has his annoying moments also. He thinks it is absolutely hilarious to have our 5-year old call me “Woman.” I don’t like being called Woman. He also has to say “Why For” after everything I say. I think it has just become his automatic response to EVERYTHING!!! Anyway…love your blog. I think it shows how much you two really love each other. 🙂 Thanks!!

  61. this is my favorite new blog .
    you are making me want to write a list of things that annoy me about brett.
    from farting and locking the car windows , to eating seaweed crackers in bed and breathing on me.
    im going to have to read your blog everyday!

  62. I am going on my 8th year of marriage and often wonder how I could marry someone who is annoying me so often. I try to take the good with the bad, but sometime my little voice asks me what did you see in him the two years we dated prior to getting married. I guess it is all part of the marriage life. Don’t get me wrong I do love him, just not the habits he had (that I overlooked) or has developed since marriage. I’m am sure I bug him too. Glad to see I’m not alone in this journey……..

  63. Wow! This is great! I heard about your website on the radio this morning and had to check it out. There’s nothing better than finding the humor in life’s annoyances! It also reminds me that I’m SO not ready to give up my solitude and move in with my boyfriend yet haha. Thanks for the laughs, I look forward to more!

  64. Do you think you could write a book? It would make a great tongue-in-cheek wedding present for new brides! Love your blog. I’ve been married 28 years. My neice recently asked my husband what makes a marriage last. he thought a few seconds and then said “Never try to change someone, just understand them and that there will be differences”….

  65. lol. I work at a neurosurgery office and my co-workers and i have been reading your blog. We can all relate. Thanks so much for the laughs.

  66. I’d rather look at his sweater than your face.

  67. I’m so glad I found your blog!! I really feel like my husband and I could be you guys. It’s so nice to know that someone else feels that way, and it’s not just me. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your lives 🙂

  68. how is this site any different than someone writing a novel and basing her characters on people she knows?

    has anyone ever thought that perhaps she and her husband discuss what annoys her about him and him about her?

    if she and her husband have the ability to look at themselves and make fun of each other then their marriage will be just fine.

    marriages may be full of hard work, but there’s no reason not to fill them with laughter too.

    this blog is hilarious and illustrates things we all think about our spouses on a daily basis.

    Keep up the good work!

  69. Right now you can still leave and no little hearts will be broken. If you were thinking about children, don’t. Then the little annoying things your spouse does become prison bars, but you can’t leave for the sake of the child. I married a “where are you going?” woman. Now I count the days until my daughter is seventeen, and I am free again.

    • Love My Husband

      “Where are you going?” is being part of a family. We don’t just take off without letting each other know where we are going. Maybe you should have thought about that before giving up being alone.

    • Ohhh, I have to disagree there Will. You wouldn’t believe the annoying material that we have gained from our kids and still use to this day… the all are grown up now. Our little ones have blessed us with much humor… which I must say they gained from us and our sense of humor toward each other. They now use much of our stuff with their other half and are all very happy and well adjusted! What is life if you have to be so serious?! As one of ours says…”Its just something you go through in life” when he was 5 and sicker than a dog. Now where does that come from?

  70. I LOVE this blog!!! I love the concept, I love the writing, and I love you and your husband! I just got married a few weeks ago, but we have been together for 5 1/2 years. It has always irritated me when people pretend to be happy all the time. The truth is I LOVE my husband but he is so FREAKING IRRITATING!!!! It amazes me how completely clueless men can be in general! Seriously how do they survive at work? Lord knows they can’t find the underwear in the underwear drawer because “they assumed they were out” omg.

  71. This is hilarious! A star is born ; )

  72. I loved reading your blog SO much I read every word. I laughed my tail feather off!

    I think you should keep the blog going and when you collect enough entries, give standup comedy a try. If you can deliver on stage like you do in your writing, you will be a hit! OR, you could compile all of your entries into a book.

    I adore my husband. I believe you adore yours. I think every women can relate and laugh at your stories. I can see my husband laughing at fart jokes and taking me to Five Guys for a special occasion. What we love most about them…can be the very same things we find annoying! At least, you can laugh it off! I find it healthy….

  73. my husband sent me your page… Love it. Not sure what he was trying to communicate to me but I am glad he shared it and I am glad you’re sharing too! Thanks for the giggle! Just wait til you have kids…

  74. Thank you so much, I have just realized how annoying I am. My husband must be a saint for putting up with me. I must agree that in our 7 year marriage I have been the culprit of almost all the same actions as your husband….and what response have I always received…”You are too adorable.” So can I be blamed for continuing to be as annoying as I am when I get positive reinforcement for my silly dancing, role playing (I am a “chimichanga” on cold days) and asking the same question multiple times because I don’t pay attention to the answer…I think not. Yes, I am guilty of the dreaded “what are you doing?” when I can clearly see my husband is cooking…but he just laughs and gives me a smooch. Maybe you too are doing this and in turn encouraging his actions. So I thank you for showing me the evil of my ways and I will strive to correct them….or maybe not…I do like the smooches.

    Your blog rocks.

  75. Love the blog. Trying to read without snorting too many times out loud, and trying to decide if I should feel relieved or defeated that I’m not alone in having an annoying hubby.

    Coming up on our 5th anniversary (and happier than ever!), I’ll refrain from dishing on him, and will instead share my latest annoying habit… Whenever he asks me something, before I even realize it, I respond “No, you’re [insert object of question]!” Sounds innocent, but applied to every question, every day.. eesh.

    Keep it up, and keep things out in the open. So long as you’re talking and laughing together, you’ll be happy 🙂

  76. Reading your blogs made me feel as if you were writing about my husband. ….and a heads up…..they only get worse when kids come into the picture.

  77. All i have to say is…why us?
    I have a pretty clingy (AND VERY ANNOYING!!) boyfriend…but i love him. Go figure.

  78. Hyyyyysterical!! My gf drives me bananas sometimes, ok all the time. From leaving the screen door open and letting all the bugs in after reminding her a zillion times, to funny dances and cornball requests at restaurants. I love her, and all the entertainment, but come on!! Keep up the blog.

  79. I so thought I was alone until I read your blog… tho he seem to have less disgusting flaws than my boyfriend… but it is all so true and real! I now know where to go when I feel like I just can’t take the annoyingness anymore!!!!! Thanks for a GREAT read!!!

  80. Love your blog.

  81. Im so enjoying your blog . its so well written not to mention I laughed my @ off reading it.. Hubby sounds like he keeps you quite amused, Well that is till he gets annoying lol

    Great job

  82. I sat here with my husband and we both cracked up over your blog. It is so real and eye opening. We also cracked up at the oh so serious people who are very uptight about how you talk about your husband. I used to look at other couples and be jealous of how happy and perfect they looked. Then I started talking to them and realized they were just like us. NO couple is perfect. And marriage is definitely work. You have to work hard not to smack the heck out of your spouse when they do something obnoxious, oh I mean annoying.

  83. He must be cool to let you post all this stuff (unless he doesnt know in which case thats hysterical). However what is cute and “annoying” now will not be remotely amusing in the future. Marriage sux and this is just the beginning. I wish you the best of luck and a lot of patience.

  84. wives_of_annoying_husbands_unite

    There’s quite a market out there for readers of annoying husband tricks. I also have a nice (annoying) husband who was kind enough to let me tell people how annoying he is. I wrote a newspaper column for two and a half years that stated out as an “anything goes” kind of thing, and then it turned more into The Chronicles of The Husband. He loved reading about himself in the paper every week, and would even give me material. We’ll be married 20 years in February and he makes me laugh every day.

  85. I definitely agree with the other readers who suggested you turn this into a book. I feel like every man I’ve ever loved was a clone of your husband – seriously, short or tall, nerdy or muscular, they are all the same inside!

    Many women could relate to this; I know I can. Keep the laughs coming!

  86. I’ve noticed that the women responding mostly love your blog and the men responding mostly don’t. Clearly, they just don’t get it.

    Your blog is hilarious. You just rock on!

  87. I think your site is hilarious! We all go through ups and downs in relationships and this is just one way to vent your frustrations. To all the hate responses: relax; it’s all in good fun.

  88. you are TOO funny. i loved this. can’t wait to come back and read more, haha.

  89. I was just reading through some of the posts…Ouch!! WHY do some people get sooo mean? Wow! I think that you and your hubby are funny and you know what? being able to laugh at one another and to accept the annoying behaviors is WHAT marriage is ALL about. I posted earlier about gifts etc, but the bottom line is that…he makes you laugh and as you can see, so many people out there are relating to married life and loving it!! The one’s that are saying “emasculating, hurtful etc…are the one’s who just don’t get it…Sorry for them! The rest of us can’t wait till you two have some little one’s…THAT will be funny too! Looking forward to future posts:)

  90. love your blog…..so true, filled with deep love & raw frustartion. I am a single gal now….(chronic alcoholiism isn’t really fuuny emough to blog about 😦 ….but really enojoy your take on married life. Hummm, maybe I could write about all the annoying guys I have dated? !

  91. I was referred to your blog by my loving husband who annoys the crap outta me! 🙂 I think he found it delightful to discover that many couples annoy each other and that our endless battles are not alone in the world. Well thanks for the laughs and I will look forward to many other “annoying coincidences” between our sweet husbands.

  92. I love your blog! It’s so funny. I got my boyfriend to read it just now; he laughed so much. He wants me to make a blog about him now also. XD

  93. Just saw you both on the CBS show….I think I used to live next door to your husband as a young child….seriously. Did Mark ever live in Fairfield, CT?

    Love the blog by the way!

  94. Wow! Your husband sounds hilarious! I wish people would lighten up and understand you and your husbands sense of humor. Keep it coming! It’s hilarious! NO DEAL!

  95. Just saw your interview on The Early Show and had to come take a peek. I’ve been married 35 years next week, and really appreciate the humor of your posts.

    Now that you’ve made network TV, what you need is a lovely customized blog theme… which happens to be my specialty. Please take a look at my portfolio site and get in touch if you’re at all interested in more info. I would LOVE to work with you.

  96. I have been with my husband for ten years. We have been married for eight. We did live together for a few months before our marriage, but most of it was spent apart. He lived in Portland, Or. and I was here in Dubuque, Ia. I love my husband very much and can’t imagine my life without him, but he too annoys the crap out of me. Some days just looking at him annoys me. Almost everything he does annoys me, but when he’s not around I am bored and like I said can’t imagine my life without him. I love your website.

  97. Thanks for this! I can laugh at other people who have annoying people in their lives. My husband and I have been married 17 years and there are times when I question what have I done. My husband thinks everyone knows him. People will wave when we’re in the car, the kids will say who is that, I say I don’t know they are just wavers. My husband will say they must of seen me or they must know me. Please!! We live in the area I grew up in, not you and I don’t think everyone knows me. He is no celebrity, his face is not plastered everywhere. So how would everyone know him? He’s a celebrity in his own mind. It is truly annoying!!

  98. This site is hilarious! That “Zoolander” pic had me on the floor! Thanks so much for sharing!

    My boyfriend’s annoying habit is taking ice from the tray and not refilling it. He’ll take out 3 cubes, leave it… Come back and take out more, leave it… until it’s empty… Whenever, I go to get ice, the tray is empty, so then I have to refill it!!! He must’ve filled TWO ice-trays in our 7 years together!!!

    Also, he knows I keep my toilet seat covers closed in my home to promote good Fen Shui, so whenever I am not home, he will open the toilet seat covers and do a lil “Na, na, nuh-na na!” dance! Of course, he closes them before I get home, ‘cuz he knows what’s good for him! LOL 🙂

    Thanks again for the laughs!

  99. Love the blog!
    Honestly those who don’t love it, just don’t get it.
    If you see this couple in the interview, perhaps you’ll see how much fun it all is to both of them?! He seems to love being the center of attention, and trust me, he must be thinking, “A license to be annoying! Honey, if stop being annoying, you won’t have blog material!” Also, with one being super annoying — as he REALLY is — the other needs an outlet. Since she could not possibly out-annoy him, going to the masses will help her stay sane……

    I agree – write a book, Erma Bombeck would be jealous! Call it “Annoyingly Ever After”

    Great fun and soooo honest, I don’t think the hubby is suffering, he is happy to know his wife loves him as he is, in spite of all the annoying traits. And if the book(s) turn successful, he can be annoying in Hawaii, Tahiti, a convertible…..etc. etc.

    Chill out haters, this lady (and her guy) are adorable/ hilarious.

    As to the writing — shut up too– it’s dead pan funny, straight up true — and after she writes her 3rd or 4th book, what are you going to say them haters?

    Make a Wedding guest sign in book, that has quotes from the blog at the top of each page!

    Good luck, you are too darn funny!
    R Smith

  100. As long as your spouses annoing habbits can make you laugh you are on the right path. Be warned that when the become the reason for arguments or anger, the best relationships are in trouble. from first hand experience, keep laughing, keep it fun, don,t wait for a minor annoyance to be come a major problem, allways try to live laugh and be happy together

  101. You are killing me. Try having a husband who, despite the fact that he only took it for 2 years in high school about 12 years ago, must translate every Japanese conversation he hears on TV or in a film (make that every 5th word of every conversation) using an extremely bad Godzilla movie accent. I used to think it was a cute sign of his intelligence. Now I think it’s a sign of my incredible strength of will as I have not yet beaten him to death with the cat. One more screening of Kill Bill, however, and all bets may be off….

  102. Gilsgal: LOL!!!! How do you know that he lowers the toilet seat cover(s) before you get home? Apparently he’s been “snitched” on! Hahahaha! Too cute!

  103. First, I would like to say, that I saw the show this morning and I thought you were annoying. In addition your husband made himself look like a total idiot just sitting there defending your stupid blog. Obviously, we know who wears the pants in your relationship. Second, your husband should start his own blog on how annoying you are! You have only been married for a short time and you already feel this way. Maybe you should rethink your marriage. Third, your husband is not a real man. A real man would not put himself out there like that, he has no self respect, obviously he is going along with it to gain publicity. I don’t know if he knows how stupid he looks and Shame on the Morning show for having such a crappy segment. I watch it every morning, I see they have run out of good things to talk about.

    • Forget Iliana. This blog is a great way to get over your husband’s annoying ways and turn them into something you can laugh about and that others can laugh about.
      I also think your husband is being a really great sport about it.
      Best wishes for you both!

  104. Yup this is prolly about 2/3 of the men in this world and thats being nice. I need to start a blog about how to get revenge without them knowing it. It does make you feel better and they never have a clue as to what you have done. My girlfriends laugh until they nearly wet themselves when I tell them what I have done. LOL

    • Deb, I have always dreamed of finding a directory of revenge things that you described. Let me know when you get that blog going…or website. I would PAY for access to such a website.

  105. Love your blog. My husbnd has a favorite
    sweater too. Think Mr. Rogers circa 1950.
    He also favors white button down shirts and khakis and my kids call it his “uniform”. We have been married 18
    years and never ONCE has he put the toilet seat down. Talk about annoying. I have fallen in, my daughter has fallen in.
    You either put up with it or take a frying pan to the head, I guess.

  106. Ha,
    my husband does the robot voices, stuffs himself full of sweets & then complains, will wear the same outfit for weeks at a time if I let him. And also has a robot/weatherman dance he does.
    sounds like they would be best friends.

  107. I think your blog is great and disregard the rude remarks….clearly they have no sense of humor! We all could write about our spouse’s annoying habits; male or female. I think it’s your sense of humor that is going to make your marriage last, if you can’t laugh you might as well hang it up :)! Keep it going…it’s hilarious!

  108. Your husband should start a site and call it mywifeisstupid.com

    Do you want your husband to be like you?

    Why did you marry him if you want to change him?

    Why don’t you accept your husband as he is and just laugh at him?

    Your life life will be muchmore pleasant and much less frustrating if you will do that.

    • Quite sure the entire blog is her publicly laughing at the quirky things her husband does, embracing them, and giving a few laughs here and there when we can relate.

      Anyone that’s lived with any other person knows there are always going to be things that just make you shake your head at them.

      If you don’t like it – get out. Simple enough.

    • “Why don’t you accept your husband as he is and just laugh at him ?”

      Great idea – and that’s precisely what she’s doing ! Having a laugh about the quirky-annoying things that we all do that anyone who’s ever spent any time with anyone else notices. I haven’t seen anything suggesting she wants to change him, or wants him to be like her. It’s meant in, and clearly taken by him in, good humour. I plan to read it in the same light.

  109. What does your husband think of an entire web page devoted to everything you hate about him?
    If you used 1/8 of the energy that you dumped into creating this website on trying to work out some of the things that your husband does that bother you, You might be happier!

    • Wow. Learn the difference between hate and annoying. And get a sense of humor. I knew plenty of insecure or controlling men whose wives would be too afraid to tell the real deal- I think this blog is great. They clearly both have a sense of humor and don’t try to control each other.

      • Love My Husband

        Amen, Ken. I agree.

      • Ken,

        You obviously don’t know the difference between annoying and hating someone. I feel really bad for you. You are probably not even married and if you are your wife probably walks all over you. Men like you and Mark are just pitiful. I should start a Blog about people writing annoying comments.

  110. I think you guys are great! Anyone who has a problem with the two of you or this blog just simply has no sense of humor and they must be miserable people!!! It is so clear how in love the two of you are, as seen on the show today, and there is nothing about your blog that says you want to change your husband, that you are unhappy, or that you don’t “accept your husband.” PLEASE! Your husband is a real man because he can laugh at himself too! We’ve all got our quirks, and as a newlywed myself, it does take time to get used to my own husbands quirks. But, what makes this ride of marriage fun is having a sense of humor about it all and about each other. You’re just putting into words what all of us, yes even the “downers” on this website, may think about our spouses every now and then. BRAVO! Keep it up, you two are hilarious!

  111. Hi! Your blog is very amusing, can’t help but laugh.

    But I do hope you can find more reasons why you love your husband than why you get really annoyed by him. Sure, you need some means to vent out your frustrations but I hope your bantering does not get to the point wherein all you can see is your husband’s faults. For sure, you have your own annoying ways, too. =)

  112. Don’t get it. Perhaps your blog should be retitled “my website is annoying”? You were married in march 09, and you have a web site detailing your spouses flaws – awesome.

  113. you were married in march of 09 and already having these “annoying problems”. come on, you need marriage counseling asap.
    if i were your husband, i would demand you take down your site or leave you!

    • Hey Shawn!

      Pro tip: You are NOT her husband, I am. We’re not having “problems.” And while we deeply, deeply appreciate your advice, we’re doing just great, thanks.

      And the site? I enjoy the Hell out of it.

      Best to you, Bud. Now off you go.


  114. hello,

    to qoute part of your opening statement:
    so, when the hubby moved in with me just 2 weeks before the wedding, I really got to discover just how annoying he can be.

    its obvsiouley your part, you didn;t get to know him better. I don’t feel sory for you at all.
    You should have got to know him better, before you get married!

  115. the mos annoying thing my husband does is call me on the phone and if I am in the shower or on the toilet I am suppose to answer the phone no matter what and also be here 24/7.
    He uses the cell phone for a tracking system, and tries to listen for background noises, so ANNOYING,we been married for 24 years

  116. Loved your blog! My husband and I have been married 12 years now. One of the main things that has kept us strong is laughter and lots of it. Yes, he can be annoying sometimes, but so can I. The ability to laugh at each other and accept each other for who we are is the main ingredient to a happy, successful marriage. Those moments where I find him the most annoying, I just think about all the good qualities he has and why I married him in the first place. We’re all full of defects, knowing to let go and just accept people for who they are is the ultimate goal in any marriage or relationship. Kudos to you and your husband…and keep on laughing! ; )

  117. OMG This site is hilarious! Just hilarious! I had to email my husband this site. I know he would want all of the fart sign pics too – ha ha ha OMG Your site really hit the nail on the head. I think you need to go on Oprah with this. ha ha ha

  118. 1. He still hasn’t fixed the shower yet..
    2. He answers the phone with some sort of weird saying he saw in a pizza commercial 2 years ago.
    3. He, too, has the sport hat he can’t leave without despite the fact that he has BEAUTIFUL hair (he hates that, too, when I call his hair beautiful. Is there such a thing as manly hair?)
    4. Rockband…that’s all I’m going to say.
    5. He has this huge bow and arrow thing in our spare room..honestly what I am going to do with this? And, he doesn’t hunt..never hunts?
    6. We can’t have sex until he’s showered…I’m still figuring this out?

    But, in the end…yes, I love him. Even despite all this, I still find myself looking at his eyes, his pretty teeth, or his stomach and being happy. I even like his little booty.

  119. Love your website!! You both obviously have a great sense of humor, and I hope your marriage is always full of laughter 🙂

  120. besthusbandever

    You sound fat.

  121. I just don’t understand why this blog is getting so much attention. It seems manufactured and disingenous.

  122. Hilarious! I caught the two of you on The Early Show yesterday. I have to say…”wish I had thought of this before you.” You are truly a GENIUS! I will continue to follow with anticipation of what is yet to come. Oh! and Kudos to your husband for being such a good sport…live, laugh, love.

  123. I think your husband and you are absolutely adorable couple!!
    What is not to love about his face? He reminds me of an old basset hound we had with those trusted deep brown eyes. Oh, but I digress and see that he does possess an animal charm.
    I love your sense of humor and writing style, which combined makes both of you absolutely adorable.

  124. I love this blog, thank you so much for it! I am only 25 and not married yet but this has made me look forward to it even more 🙂


    • This is really hilarious and insightful. My boyfriend and I are about to move in together and make that final step before marriage and so forth and I just had to show him this and told him i hope he takes our behaviors with great humor such as this. Keep writing 🙂 Ignore the negativity.

  125. Angela in Agony

    Ohhhh finally!!! Please let me add..we recently moved to the ‘country’. A mere mile out of town on the main highway. Since we moved, the boy has decided to “save hydro” he needs to urinate off our back deck. The only time he seems to use the toilet is to do #2 or in the middle of the night when he has to pee in the midst of his sleep….although I am sure if there was a door close by he would go outside even in the middle of the night. Just when I thought he was contained to the backyard urination fascinationk, he will now pee in the dog run when he goes out to pick up the poo or even in the front yard by where he parks his truck. He is convinced that by peeing on the lawn it will eventually end up in the septic and of course save hundreds of dollars on our hydro bill ….

    • OMG…I thought I was the only one with a husband that likes to pee outside…we seriously left a store one time (which I had used to restroom in) and he stopped IN THE PARKING LOT to pee…..I asked him why he didn’t go inside when I used the restroom, it wasn’t like it was a time issue, and he just informed me that guys like to pee outside in the air….seriously, it was WINTER! Thanx for the laugh :)!!!!

    • i feel your pain….my hubby uses the excuse saves water, because you dint have to flush….

  126. Word to Big Bird

    You are so right! You’re husband is a total jerk, please continue torturing him because he deserves it. The only reason he allows this blog is for his own self promotion, he’s such a diva! Lol, do a column about him being a closet homosexual, I’ve never seen such a feminine guy before!!!! Keep it up sister!

  127. For the blogger…

    I’ve just found your blog, thanks to YourTango.com. First i’m a guy. I have to say that some of the posts and comments are exagerated. I mean all you girls are saying how bad your guys are.

    1. Nobody is perfect. There is a saying in my country… roughly translated: Dont look for flaws in others before you’ve seen the huge flaws in yourself. Guys do stupid stuff… but you do stupid stuff too. A relationship wont be perfect forever. If you love your guys learn to live with them, they overlook some of your irritating habbits, you do the same. Its stupid to complain over them, and think you dont have yours.

    2. Beer, IMO brings guys back to the time when there was only hanging out with the guys, drinking beer, and doing only fun stuff (some stupid but nobody cared).

    Donno… you girls exagerate here a lot.

    @ Chelsea ”Even despite all this” … srsly? jeeez some woman around here….

    • Fair comment mate….hey I gaurantee my husband could write a long list about my annoying points, I annoy myself sometimes because my annoying traits usually cause more work for myself.but u r right gotta look at yourself first…

  128. I think that if you live with somone and they dont annoy you somthing is wrong, its part of the game of life

  129. I waited 40 years to get married, and glad I did as I met many many losers along the way before figuring out what makes a good husband. That husband you blog about is suspect. There is likely a reason he married so late in life, and to a long distance “on- off” relationship. Had his wife been immersed in his day to day life prior to marriage, it would have been a definite NO GO.If nothing else, let this blog serve as a warning to women EVERYWHERE….Get to know your man. If he annoys the hell out of you, move on. This man seems neither masculine, mature, or responsible. I will bet he has said he doesnt want kids because he isnt finished with being a kid himself. Possibly very self centered and never properly evolved into an adult. Found his mother figure and that’s all he cares about. Not even slightly attractive. Yuck. Makes me want to give my golden husband an extra big hug tonite for being so damn not like THAT husband.

  130. I was watching the segment again on Youtube.com with my sister-in-law and she agrees, you are so annoying. I can’t believe your husband can sit there and look like a total idiot. Everytime your husband spoke you had something to say. Does he not have any respect for himself.? There should be limits. You seem so demanding. How does he put up with you? When you have kids are you going to start a website on how annoying they are?

    • And yet you, dumbass that you clearly are, continue to lurk on the website with the sole purpose of making snarky comments and hurling elementary insults. Do you not have a job? Do you not have a hobby? The sad truth is, you are only making yourself look like a vicious hag.

  131. Very funny! I wonder if my wife finds me annoying?

  132. I just have to say I was SO relieved to find out your husband knew about the blog 😛

    That, to me, is what keeps it from crossing the line between amusingly exasperated and malicious. My oversized little brother is ridiculously forgetful and absurd, and I love to write about him for that reason – but that’s only one facet of our relationship.

    Are there habits of your husband’s you would hesitate to/never post about? Do you talk about the posts first?

    • myhusbandisannoying

      Yes, we talk about the posts first and my husband reads them before I post them. I would never post anything that he isn’t comfortable sharing with the world. And there are, of course, private things that are only between us that will never see the blogosphere light of day.

  133. I think Iliana is an old girlfriend of your husband’s.

    Geez girl, what’s up with all the negative comments???

    Go back into your room and make out with your pillow like a good girl. I’m sure the perfect guy will be coming for you soon….don’t give up hope Iliana!!

  134. Are you originally from California? and is your mother’s name Barbara?

  135. Humor is part of marriage, it has to be or someone could be seriously harmed. I enjoyed reading through it . I can’t understand why people get bent out of shape about stuff. You don’t like , don’t read and move on.

  136. My husband & I love your blog. Successful marriage is being to laugh at each other and ourselves. It is obvious you love your adorable husband and are writing about figuring out this change in your life. Keep it up. Speaking about the common marriage frustrations with humor that we all feel just gives us someone to relate to. We are not alone in our weird quirks. And neither are our spouses.

  137. I’m going to keep following your blog but only to see how long your husband can put up with the public humiliation. I am sure you wouldn’t think its so funny if it were reversed. I agree with the poster that said your writing is nothing special–not creative and this is definitely not an “ingenious” topic. Its more like you bitching to the world about what a huge loser you married.

  138. I just saw you on Australian morning TV… all i can say is …..you poor bastard… You should start your own blog…world’s biggest nagging wife… no wonder you choose the couch to sleep 🙂

  139. WOW…should open the Australian Edition of your site, I am sure Aussie guys are the most annoying, lets just say I’m at hubby number three.LOL

  140. Saw you both on the Today show this morning and jumped online straight away! Can’t wait to tell every woman I know about yr blog….and the guys….I think we can all relate!
    It was wonderful to see such a happy couple…those who appear to jump on the attack obviously hav not taken the time to find out anything about your blog or how it came about.
    You guys are sensational….much happiness to you both!

    • myhusbandisannoying

      Thanks for checking out the blog and I’m so glad you enjoy it! We had a lot of fun being on the Today show and hopefully we’ll be able to get to Australia soon (it’s at the top of our list of dream destinations)!

  141. Re the green jumper… I was in Scotland a couple of years ago and decided to wash all of my father’s jumpers. There was one that he’d had for around 30 years or so, so I put it in the washing machine, and then the tumble dryer on what I thought was low heat…… however when the jumper came out it would have fitted a 4 year old child, I shrunk it!! – Just a thought about the green jumper monster!!!

  142. Stacey-Australia

    I just watched you on Australian morning TV, and couldnt stop laughing. What a way to start the day. It is obvious you are both very much in love, and the fact that you can talk about this kind of stuff and share it with the world is inspirational. I am engaged and have lived with my fiance for 7yrs now, and I think I need to start telling him what annoys me, like scratchin his crotch while talking to me, leave them alone for christ sake 🙂 Hopefully he will see the laugh in it. Thanks for a fantastic website, going to share with my friends and family now 🙂

  143. ohh dont worry i saw you on the morring show and you look nothing like that muskrat

  144. I made the mistake of looking at this blog while sitting next to my boyfriend. We’ve been living together almost 2 years (officially 1.5 years). I was reading some of the entries to himwhen we both realized, I am the annoying one… He’s the mild mannered quiet guy to my neurotic/clutzy self.

  145. Hi,

    I just stumbled on your blog somehow and I just wanted you to know that I have been with my husband for nearly twelve years and one of my first memories of him is wearing A Green Sweater.

    I was completely astounded to see almost the exact same Green Sweater on your husband, zip front, badly fitted and all.

    He still has the Green Sweater although it has changed to a sickly greyish colour.
    It was really cheap at the time so I was hoping for a short life span, but although nearly see- through, it is still completely whole, so no luck there.

    I had a good look at it but it does not seem to be made of any fabric known to man, and of course the labels are long gone, so we’ll never know what is making it so indestructible.

    God help us both.

  146. I think Iliana is jealous that someone else is succeeding and getting so much publicity. I’ve never understood why some people have to tear others down so badly – why can’t we just be nice to one another?

    Anyway, John Lennoning aside, to be completely honest I don’t quite understand why this blog is so successful and why it’s getting so much media attention. I’ve seen things like this around the net for YEARS. Maybe you just put it together well, or timed it well? Either way, goodonya.

    Reading the posts makes me laugh because while my boyfriend is a typical male and that in itself is frustrating, he’s not particularly annoying. >>I’M<< the annoying one in our relationship. I think your husband may just be in touch with his inner child moreso than the rest of us are (why is everyone so serious and mature all the time? Let loose!), because I know I am.

    Keep it up.
    From Australia.

  147. Enjoy your blog!! It is comforting to know that we are not alone in thinking our husbands are plain clueless!! How about those handyman brain storming ideas!! Case in point: we have a 24 foot round pool in our backyard.. one of the pipes sprang a leak and left a rust mark down the side of the pool… well my husband decides that he can fix that!! Does he get cleaner and scrub it off? No., he uses shiny aluminum paint and paints the entire panel!! Look honey, I fixed that ugly mark on the pool!! Holy smoke, never mind that the pool looks odd with 8 nicely designed panels and one shiny alumuminum one!! He is proud as a peacock and I am biting my tongue — pick your battles (that is what is ringing around in my head!!)….

  148. yes you are annoying but very funny and i am sure the world agrees with me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  149. We have just watched you guys on the Morning Show. It is so good to see some humour on our TV in the morning. Good luck to the both of you.

  150. Seen you on ‘Breakfast’ in New Zealand. What great stories. Sounds familiar!

  151. Hi there! I was watching you on Breakfast this morning. Yes, I am a Kiwi, and I live in Marlborough! So if you ever decide to live out your dream of settling in a Marlborough vineyard in ten years, look me up!

  152. I know I sound like a total stalker, but were you guys at Otto in the village on Sunday night? I could swear I recognized your husband from this site. In any case, I find your website hilarious. My brother is so much like your husband – thank goodness he found a patient wife with a good sense of humor like you to marry him!

  153. Claire- in New Zealand


    I saw you on the Breakfast programme. I thought you were such a lovely couple who obviously loved each very much. Great sense of humour. I was even late to work to make sure i watched your entire interview 🙂

    keep on entertaining with the blog

  154. I love this blog!!!! i have been with my lovely man for 13 years (married for 8) and he annou=ys the crap out of me !!! but for better or worse i LOVE that man, keep blogging i will watch with great interest!!!

  155. Another Kiwi who saw you both on “Breakfast”, and I’m pretty sure I know the answer. There’s this unwritten rulebook, passed from man to man, about how to be married. Doesn’t even have to be passed verbally – I think they absorb it by osmosis. Perhaps that’s what the stag do is all about ! I reckon it covers stuff like “there is no need to put the dishcloth back in the vicinity of the sink”, “those little dividers in the cutlery drawer serve no real purpose, so ignore them”, “never turn the electric blanket on on your side but then hog the wife’s side when you’re cold” and “never under any circumstances write down a phone message – you’ll be sure to remember it” !!

    Lucky him, I never do anything the least bit annoying like ordering a small coffee then helping him drink his, going out without a jacket then looking plaintively at him in his until he hands it over and “re-organising” his I-Tunes and making the whole lot vanish …!!! Married nearly 8 years, been annoying each other for 10, and loving him more for it.

    Love your blog – I’ll keep reading !


  156. AND, and, do you know what else ? I will start talking to him, and he will pick up his guitar, turn TV on and read the paper, all at once, and so I say “you’re not listening to me”, so he says “yes I am”, and I say “what did I say then ?” and he says “you said I’m not listening to you”, so THEN I say, “no, before that” and then, now this is the really annoying bit, he repeats back what I had first said almost word perfectly. Not fair !!

    And while I’m at it, he has quite an incredible knowledge of music. So I will say, honey, I think we need bread and milk, or I might say, has anyone seen the remote, or hey, the toilet keeps flushing … and he will say “ooh – who sings that ?”. And it will be the lyric of some obscure song. I get him back by insisting that Cat Stevens sings “Cat’s In the Cradle” (but naturally I don’t insist this in an annoying way !)

    • Oh wow, that first paragraph about not listening to what you say but then repeating it back – correctly! How do they do that? The first year or so I was married I was absolutely floored every time that happened. And he’d look so very proud of himself. But I got him back – I don’t buy that “Oh, I guess I wasn’t listening I’m a guy” excuse from him anymore.

  157. hahaha do the robot dance

  158. I heard about your site on the radio this morning. I love it! My husband annoys me too but I love him and could not imagine life without him. My father-in-law had a sweater like your husbands but it was gray. When he passed away my husband started to wear it and I promptly hid it!

  159. My boyfriend is also unusually attached to a stretched out superhuge pair of blue boxers with a hole near the butt. I have tried and tried to get rid of it, but it keeps reappearing in the wash!
    This is the first time I came across this site and I am so glad to find other people on the same page as me! Someone once took me aside and told me that I should publicly return my love and affection in equally sappy romantic ways because he might get the wrong idea and leave me. But that’s totally untrue! Thanks for keeping up the blog~ it totally made my day.

  160. my husband just plays videogames all day and he hates me

  161. Kia Ora from N.Z:) I saw you both on the Breakfast Show that we have here in N.Z and I think your husband is a character lol. I don’t have a husband, but I bet if I did….he would be annoying hahaha! Good luck with your blogging and may you have a long and fulfilling marriage:)

  162. hey! am only a kid well a teen but this is HILARIOUS! i love it now i understand how my mom feels when she is yelling at me or my dad to pick up the clothes, pop can, ect… lol this is great u should really consider writing a book.
    FOR THE PPL who don’t get this website all i have to say is find a since of humor or simply don’t check out this website.

  163. Just discovered your blog, and am thoroughly enjoying it. Ignore the people with no sense of humor that choose to leave mean comments.

    I wish I had kept a picture of my husband’s annoying blanket he had when we were first married. It’s not a sweater, but he slept with that darn blanket every night. It was old and tattered and I hated it. I tried to throw it away, and he actually — get this — retrieved it from the garbage can in the garage!! GROSS! I was finally able to replace it with a new one, which is still in pretty good condition. But he’s like a kid with that thing….. if I wash it, it better be back on the bed the same night. (In case you’re wondering, we got married in our mid-30’s and were used to sleeping “alone” by then, and I’m a huge blanket hog. So we each have our own blanket on our side of the bed.)

  164. You guys are wonderful! I love how honest you are. Your husband is way cool for just letting you vent like this, it says a lot about his character, as I said he is way cool. I love that you give us singletons a real view of married life, (it is not all a bed of roses!) as we would love to believe. One really has to work at it to keep things going. there has to be acceptance and compromise, and a good scream when necessary. I am loving it! Rock on…Looking forward to my own long haul with hubby. I will be reading more from you. Take care both of you.

  165. Can i just say how much i’ve enjoyed reading your blogs. I recently got married and am suffering a touch of the post nuptial blues, and thats how i found your site via some advice website or whatever.
    Its cheered me up no end!
    Thanks 🙂

  166. my fionce is soo annoying he will sit ne where and pik his nose and eat it . then he will scratch his feet while lying n bed an i cant get to sleep it does my head in lol

  167. They get even more annoying the longer you’ve been married. That’s because your patience wears thinner, they can’t hear half of what you’re saying, and they become even higher maintainence. You can only train them so much. I’ve found the best remedy is lunch with the girls. I always find out that other women’s husbands are actually more annoying than mine. It helps a lot in keeeping my sanity and appreciating the good points, afterall. So, this website serves to remind people that your own husband probably isn’t as annoying as you think he is, and you really don’t want to trade him out. (Wife of 29 years)

  168. Hello – did you ask your husband if it was ok to put up this blog before going ahead? If he agreed then he must have the patience of Job!

  169. Just a few days before we got married (August 28th), my husband send me the link of this blog.
    I’m really wondering now what he was trying to tell me: that he’s not that worse (I doubt it), or that he is not the only one…

    Anyway: I wanted to let you know that even in Holland you’re blog is known and I LOVE IT 😀

    • Hi Els!

      It’s so cool that you found us in Holland… one of the first blogs to link to us was a site that translated “My Husband is Annoying” as “Mijn man is vervelend”… we liked it so much we made up a t-shirt! (you can see it on the MHIA Facebook Fan Page)

      Holland’s on our list of places to visit…thanks for writing!

      The Annoying Husband

  170. Your blog is so right, I am not married yet but I have been living with my Very messy future husdand, He loves to pile months and months of unread mail all over the kitchen table it drives me up the wall, god forbid if I left anything out, or forget to put something away. He will jump my shit about it. It has gotten to the point anything with his name on it I put in a box I have about four boxes full and it keeps growing it is rediculious. He spits in the shower and it gets on the walls and guess who has the pleasure of cleaning up his disgusting flem stuck to the shower walls me. It makes my blood boil. He acts like he is so perfect but his is a pig, he eats like one too. I love him but the shit he dose makes me want to freakin scream and he has his cocky ass ways. I swear….. He makes comments about my weight when he is the one that is fucking huge! Its like ..look at a mirror onice in awhile, he continues to buy brownie mix, cookies etc and you wonder why you are the way your are there is a new flash right there, hopefully I an learn to deal with his pigish ways. Wow it feels good to get that off my chest. I guess the pig inside will come out in very man.

    • Good grief, you poor thing. i thought my man was annoying but i see now that he’s an absolute angel.
      Flem on the shower walls…. he must have some redeeming features for you to put up with that!!!

  171. I have to say that this website is hilarious!! And yes of course I can see the similarities between your husband and mine. My favorite part is the logic. The great lengthy explanations of why they do what they do. If I could think of only one funny thing my husband has done, there have been many, I would have to say the one that makes me laugh even know is the picture I get inside my head when I remember seeing my husband bent over inside our hamper, it’s one of those tall skinny ones, and only seeing his legs hanging out. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. Now I occasionially when I’m in sassy mood I will refer to him as my “hamper hobo”. Hope that is as funny to others as it was to me. LOL

  172. I cannot believe how unnecessary some people are with their comments. This blog and you two are wonderful keep it up! These really help lighten up a bad day!!!

  173. Hi! I love your website–it’s hilarious! Keep writing! I’ve been married for a little over a year and I love my husband sooooooo much! But he does things that are annoying sometimes. I know for a fact he does some of them on purpose because he knows it drives me crazy and he thinks it’s funny–like making silly faces/singing when I’m trying to talk to him about something important. However, I’ve seen my dad and other men I know do similar things to annoy their wives, so maybe it’s somewhat normal??? 🙂 To be fair, I know I do things that annoy my husband too, so I guess it balances out and that’s why we’re so happy together. 🙂

  174. Hey, I just started reading this recently, and I think its very funny, and relatable!! I have been married for just over a year, but lived with my husband for 2 years before that and I know EXACTLY how you feel!! keep up the good work!

  175. This is almost like a 12-step program for people with annoying husbands. I LOVE it – I could post something new every day. As you said, I LOVE my husband but dear GOD he’s annoying. How about sleep eating? Heard of that? It’s really annoying when you wake up to a total disaster in the kitchen AND no food OR toenail clippings in the bed…yeah, gross.

  176. who created your blog and where can i get mine done.

  177. its been 10 months since our wedding… my hubby’s habits have been driving me crazy. feels good that am not alone.

  178. Any man worthy of the name would not tolerate these continued public displays of disrespect.

    It’s 2009. There is absoutely no rational reason for an American man to get married and this blog is an illustration of a few of the reasons why.

    But sheep get sheared. And your man is a serious little bitch for putting up with you. Perhaps he will learn something from loosing his shirt in the upcoming divorce.

  179. I think most men and women when they finally live under the same roof eventually discover all sorts of annoying habits of the other person that were conveniently covered up beforehand. The private reality of most lives is so funny from the public image most of us present.

  180. … hmm seems very clear to me it is just a matter of time before you fully lose respect for your husband and go back to cheating on him like you no doubt did in your dating days.

    I ask you a serious question… why would you publicly humiliate your husband in such a way? To rationalize your inevitable (already occurring?) infidelity? If I saw you doing this about me, I’d empty the accounts, bang your best friends and/or sister, video tape you doing all kinds of the kinky S&M stuff you are no doubt into, then release it all to the internet via first a surprise (and public) family and friends surprise display first for maximum humiliation.

    ..maybe involve a radio or tv show or some such so it can land on youtube and you’ll have to change your name and move towns to avoid running into everyone knowing what a cold, calculating wench you are.

    have a nice week, insulting your husband, emasculating him, and directly undermining any rationale, respect or sanctity for marriage.

    I pity you. but worse, I pitty your husband.

    • oh get a sense of humour!
      The blog writer obviously loves her husband very much and I think its very healthy to be able to both talk about what annoys each other.
      Did you know her husband has also posted on this site? and, luckily he actually has a sense of humour, unlike yourself.
      By the way, insinuating that the blogger cheated in her dating days is actually slander.

    • and i quote “To rationalize your inevitable (already occurring?) infidelity?”

      now you are being ridiculous, and I hate to stereotype but its quite clear that you’ve been cheated on in the past.
      you dont know the blogger, not all women are the same and may i remind you that lots of men cheat too?
      talk about bitter..jeez..

  181. Your site is absolutely hilarious!

    I am a Southern Californian Wedding Planner, currently write about the big wedding day and leading up to it on my blog InspireTheBride.com and am also a recent Bride as of June 09… and even though I blog daily about feminine beauty, fashion, and wedding trends – i love how brutally honest you are in your blog about your husband.

    My blog is geared towards to joys of marriage, so I really can’t start ranting on about my husband… but boy does your site seem to give me the impression its therapeutic for you 😉 I can completely relate to some of your posts as my husband and I waited to move in together until after we said “i do”. Now I have come to know the secret life of manhood – or “boyhood” I should say that guys will simply never grow out of haha!! Thanks for sharing the funny stories you have gained from being an honest newlywed – keep the stories coming, they make me feel like i am not the only one who has a “normal” husband (actually he may now be more normal than i thought haha)~

    By the way… I am dying to know if your husband knows all about your site, if he adds input or his thoughts to it, and what he really thinks about your site?

  182. I continued to read more and realized how your husband is humorous about your site and so on… My question was answered, thanks 😉

    So Funny! 🙂

  184. Even in Denmark we find this page hillarious! Haha

  185. I got married in March 2009 as well and I can totally relate with you! It’s funny how things you thought you loved me before turn out to be so irritating and things you found irritating you suddenly discover how great they really are!

  186. Your blog is way too funny! It makes me feel as though I’m not alone with my sometimes annoying hubby. By the way, mine has a zip up sweater too and it’s tan color. I wish I could donate it! lol

  187. I love this blog!!!! I am glad that I am not alone I love my husband but he does the same type of crap!!! I have sent a link to my married friends. I think this may turn into a once a week , Wine Wednesday therapy session!!

    • It’s amazing how guys are programmed in the same way! I am in shock that our husband do similar things..or better yet, not do similar things. I just came home from a meeting, quickly prepared a nice dinner. He ate, said it was too spicy, didn’t help with the dishes at all, went straight to his computer…and now just let out a loud belch!!!

  188. I can’t believe people are saying this blog is disrespectful to your husband. Yes, it’s about his quirks and annoying habits but it IS all about him. He’s a good sport and we (the annoying husbands) see a lot of ourselves in him. Granted, when I read a post i think; “Come On..that’s not THAT annoying..right?”

    I’ll be enjoying these this morning. Keep it up!

  189. I love your blog. Too funny. It was the excuse that I needed to avoid work this morning. I sent this link to all my gal pals and even sent it to my hubby… he always asks where I going when I get off the couch too… sheesh!!!

    Sandy, my wonderful, loving and ANNOYING hubby who is 31 and a Correctional officer, will tell my about all his ‘Nam (Vietnam stories)….how he got shrapnel in his knee and it aches when it rains. Or he tell me (at length) how he could deliver our baby because he took a year a med school (he thinks its so funny, man never did a day of Med school in his life…) he continues on a 20 minute rant. He had been on this kick for 10 years. Why? NO clue……That is when my eyes start rolling.

    Turns out it applies to Sister’s too, lol, i mentioned a crack about War stories to his sister, to which she replied:

    “Oh god he didn’t tell you about ‘Nam did he?”

    TOO FUNNY!!!

  190. As a proud annoying husband myself, I can only congratulate both of you for reveling in life’s lighter moments. Thanks for sharing!

  191. I woke up early to get to a meeting this morning. I was rushing, only to find out that my husband took my car to work and left his car that is almost out of gas! I swear his annoyinghusband level just went up a notch! I sent him a text message about it. He did apologize and brought me home some ice cream. He also washed the dishes. My gosh!! It was really nice. Everything was really doing well until……I noticed that the toilet is clogged! asked him about and guess what he said….”Are you sure it wasn’t you who did it?” Grrrrr…….

  192. So, why did you marry after all? Or with this man specifically and not someone else? To write this blog? Because everyone is doing it? What?

  193. great site. can’t wait to continue reading.

  194. This site is AWESOME! I can certainly relate! I am so glad I’m not the only wife who’s husband annoys her to no end! I thought there was something wrong with me! Lol.

    I can’t wait to see the Tyra episode over this! (that’s how I heard of this website.)

  195. I just discovered you. OMG! I think we are married to the same man. I am sitting at my cubicle at work and almost choked on my food.

    My husband will be 40 this year and he thinks that it is okay to talk in baby talk when talking to me. At first i let it go because of the newness of our marriage but now…i keep telling him YOUR OLD! YOU CAN’T BE TALKING LIKE A BABY! Alas he still does and i figure if i just put earplugs in than it will at least be muffled. Still wouldn’t trade him for the world ….. 🙂

  196. I absolutely LOVE this blog. I actually feel like I’m the equivalent of your husband in my relationship- I love to “annoy” my boyfriend! I sent him the link and he agrees- especially the picture with all the pets in the bed, and the one of him sleeping with his face on the cat (not ashamed to admit I have a very similar picture!). Now my boyfriend is worried that I’ll pick up new annoying tips from your husband, and I must admit I AM quite tempted to yell “this is a private residence! no trespassing!” to him when he comes home now! haha thanks for sharing your humor and I wish you both well!

  197. your posts are SO funny.. just saw you on the tyra banks show and had to check out the site… very very funny!!! keep em coming! 🙂

  198. It’s amazing when you stumble on a topic that so many people can relate to! I just started reading through your posts and I needed to jump back to this page to leave you a comment!

    As someone who struggles daily with the funny and, oftentimes frustrating, differences between men & women, I can not only relate to many of the topics you’ve posted but I am also blogging about my own.

    I lost my job about 3 months ago and now that I have endless amounts of free time as well as WAY too much time at home, I’ve been overflowing with funny hubby stories. So, as of last week, I started my own blog “The Hubby Diaries”

    Please feel free to top by and check it out!


  199. I’m not married, but I think this is halarious. I live with a married couple and its great to watch them interact with each other. They have been married for 20 years this year.. we are constantly laughing at the little quirks that drive us all crazy… him – for some reason cant put a dish in the dishwasher to save his life even tho it’s located directly by the sink. She cant hear what he says because she’s not paying attention – so he usually yells what he says after a couple of “what?”s from her. And me, the roomie – i always leave a glass of whater half full on the counter – which for some reason is a source of great amusement to them. Relationships are important, and finding the humour and balance in them is important to keep them going whether they be just a friendship or a romance. Good for you for finding both.

  200. im not alone…..what a relief!

  201. I wish so bad i had taken a picture of the “makeshift” shower my husband built me while remodeling the bathroom. YES…it is AS BAD as it sounds. It involved him drilling a hole in the floor of the laundry room….and a rubber made tub…..yep…and that is ONLY the jist of it…lol

  202. LOVE your blog. Absolutely hysterical!! I’m getting married next weekend and was looking up “newlyweds” on Google and stumbled upon your site. Definitely the best “research” material I could have found! My fiance drives me bananas with his quirks and humor, but he also never fails to crack me up day in and day out! I don’t know what I’d ever do without him. : ) Keep it up! Great work!!!

  203. “My Fiancee is ANNOYING!”….but I love him soooo much. We’ve been together since day 1 and living together since day 3. A year later he still doesn’t understand that I’m always right!!….LOL
    We gotta laugh at these men sometimes and wonder how they would live without the women in their lives. Gotta love ’em!
    Great site!

  204. only hoping that yours is not worse than mine!

  205. I love this site so much and I’m writing to see if you’re interested in doing a book. I specialize in humor writing and I’d be thrilled to speak with you about it (and if you’re already represented please do forgive my intrusion).
    Check out my website for more information.
    Hope to hear from you soon–
    Jenny Bent

  206. this not really about the blog but has that little smiley face always been there in the top right corner? if it has i just noticed it!

  207. OMG- I just stumbles across this when I googled “my boy friend never takes me out”… So funny- I am not married yet- but I have spent 3 years with a man I adore who has 0 concept of romance or just selflessness for that matter. The last time he took me out was our first date! I have to be honest with you… your husband is a prince compared to my bf. I bought him a present on MY birthday. Paid off his student loans. Take us on vacation. well you get the idea… Good luck

  208. I saw you and your husband on Tyra and that is what brought me here. I love your blog. It is really cute and accurately portrays what being married is like. Our husbands can be so annoying but it’s those very things that is part of what makes us love them so much. I know that mine can annoy me to my wits end but I wouldn’t change him in anyway and I don’t think you would change yours either. Yes, they are annoying sometimes but they are a blessing in our lives.

  209. Oh, this is too funny..I have been married 18 years and I swear, the annoying habits I have to endure — the worst is that he seems to know the words to every song ever written and played on the radio !! and he is not shy about singing and dancing at any time or any place!! Our 12-year-old son just groans and says “Daaad, STOP” — but since my husband has his earbuds in attached to his ipod, he does not notice!!

  210. oh, and heres another thing — farting. My husband farts all the time (which our 12-year-old son thinks is hilarious) which led me to ask him the other night “Where was all this farting when we were dating? I NEVER heard you fart back then” I just got a blank stare in response!! UUGGG!!

  211. Just got an email forward asking me to visit your blog. It’s absolutely hilarious! Nice to know that I’m not dealing with a one of a kind nut, hehe….So other nuts exist too 🙂

  212. Oh yeah, Kris….my bf farts openly, and we’re not married yet! Wonder if this is a sign of worse to come, aack…..

  213. This blog is brilliant, probably a turning point in what i thought was a doomed marriage.
    Married 19 years and yes, he is the most irritating and annoying person I can think of and yes I love him to bits.
    Thanks to your blog, I can now accept that I am normal and embrace the fact that he will always be irritating and annoying and I just have to live with it.
    Nice Blog!

  214. MY husband is MUCH more annoying … like a slow learner, or someone who is slightly retarded. Keep in mind, he is a highly trained & paid professional but at home … slightly retarded …I just don’t know if I can take it anymore. I may run away soon.
    He says the same things over and over and asks me the same questions over and over and makes a really big deal of of everything … especially mail … I hate mail and he opens every crummy little piece of mail … even the stuff that is obviously junk mail … that I would just immediately toss …He office looks like it belongs to a trailer trash man with a beer gut … he does not have a beer gut … he is too “sissy” to drink beer. Another example …I will have the dog in his bath just washing the hell out of him and husband walks in and says …”Giving the dog a bath?” No, I’m roller skating, What the Hell?
    And he is selfish. I can’t understand or reason with him … I will tell you more stories later … You are gonna laugh your ass off and wonder what is wrong with me that I stay with him.
    To be continued ….

  215. I am the same…my husband as been my best friend for yrs…when we moved into together and got married I was like, OMG this man annoys the hell out of me…always joking about everything, Heaven forbid you joke him..hes a big baby..He does no wrong..its everyone else..No matter what the heck it is.

  216. Your husband is Mark Joyella from the Toni on NY show. He’s alright.

  217. annoyingbutloveit

    hahahahahahaha i love this website!i saw you and your husband on trya show when i was gettin on my laptop,and i heard the website name i got on it and i was laughing the whole time . but i gotta admit some things are just immiture .but i still love this website.

  218. Saw you on the Tyra Show. Your blog is hilarious, and I’ll definitely be a regular! I simply don’t understand the people that posted negative comments. If you don’t like it, don’t read it! It’s that simple!

    P.S. Exchanging annoying boyfriend/husband stories is the only reason women stay in touch with their girlfriends! 😉

  219. I love this site! My husband is the one who told me about it. Your stories are hilarious!

  220. haha I just watched you on ” TYRA ” show and I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one that thinks that her husband is annoying. When I try to tell my friends something annoying or stupid my husband did, they would switch the subject on how ” smart and funny ” there husband is. I was beging to think that I was the only one, eheh. I’ve been married to my hubby for 4-years, but every day he’ll do something to annoye me. I send him to the sore to buy 3 things… people 3 things!!!! he comes back with 2… ughhhhhhh there is way more to that. But I dont have the whole night

  221. I’m so glad that I’m not the only person who feels this way. We’ve been married for almost ten years with two small children. EVERYTHING my husband does annoys the absolute crap out of me!!! The way he eats (loudly and smacking his lips together like a cow). Oh and did I mention after he eats, he wipes the plate clean with his finger and proceeds to lick his fingers?! The farting. The belching. The snoring. The loud hacking and coughing he does when I’m trying to talk to him. The millions of times he says “What?” because he is too deaf to hear me. The millions of empty soda cans laying around that are never quite able to make it to the recycle bin. The clothes laying all over my bedroom, which look like the same bachelor bedroom he had when I first started dating him. There are times I really just want to smash his face in. Sometimes I wonder; does this feeling ever go away? Or are you destined to get divorced when you feel this way? Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.

    • OMG… I am beginning to think that all men are just LIKE this and that there is no hope…. I take that back.. there is hope… it will come in the form of communes… all the women will live in one, and all the men in the other, and th e ONLY time we need to deal with the men is when we have to procreate… otherwise they just STAY AWAY. The only exception will be if you have a child that is a boy… he can stay until he becomes as annoying as his father… then he has to go live in the male commune as well. I feel so much better knowing that I am not the only woman that feels this way. I have only been married for 7 years but seriously everything he does just drives me BONKERS…. We ladies just all need to stick together!

  222. Though I am very strict person and don’t used to laugh generally, but, you are really amazing in your writing skill which we (me and my wife) enjoyed till the late night and my wife was so happy seeing me laughing when we are at bed. My wife got a lot of similarity between your husband and me, not only that she is highly inspired by your writing and now I will be the victim of her pen, I think.

  223. I LOVE your blog and I am going to create one of my own…. just for therapy so that I don’t jump off a cliff due to my husbands irritating quirks… thanks for being such an inspiration!

  224. I’m not alone! Married 15 years and now due to this economy working with my husband.

    I just moved out of “our office” and back into my home office. My husband doesn’t appear to want me to ever interrupt him or talk while he and I work together. He wants no noise while we work and he controls the music and the temperture in the office.

    He is nuts. I have been working for 35 years and have never ever worked with such a control freak(and I love the guy).

    However, he will talk to the two dogs and constantly open the door for them 12 times a day to let them in or out of the office feed them cookies and talk with them yet, I can’t ask a work question.

    Annoyed is not the word. I have decided to work with him but not within 50 feet. I still want to be married at the end of the day.

    It is so nice to know, I’m not alone.

  225. do you live in SF? I swear I saw the green sweater and the guy in most of these pics outside Faletti’s on Broderick near Fell.

  226. I’m so glad to have found this blog! You have no idea (or…maybe you do…) how often I feel like pulling out my hair because of the annoying things my husband does! I love him to pieces, but good GRIEF! Reading these hilarious posts really helped me to realize that I’m not alone. Thanks for sharing these shenanigans!

  227. I just found this site yesterday. I’ve been married since August 2009 and my husband drives me crazy!! I love him but some of the things he does is just weird.I’ve really enjoyed ready your posts!

  228. ohmigod! i’m not the only one with an annoying husband. love your site!

  229. Stumbled across your blog when I googled “my husband won’t go to the dentist.” Your allergist/podiatrist story was funny, but the caption under the x-ray of the foot sold me! I’m going all the way back to the beginning of your blog to catch up. HILARIOUS!

  230. Just when I thought I could no longer go on, I was looking for self help on annoying husbands, came to this site and I laughed so hard I choked on my Pepsi!! Thanks and keep up the writing, some of us need to be reminded that there are married people out there that have the same problems no matter how big or small, I gotta go back to the beginning of your blog yeehaw!!!!!!!!

  231. I absolutely LOVE your blog! I can relate to everything that you’ve written. But I’m really worried now. As I was reading this my fiance joined in and though we laughed hysterically, I am now worried of the new annoyances in store for me. Sometimes he is sooo annoying that it puts me in tears because of the intense frustration! And ofcourse, he just laughs… It is such a relief to know that I am not alone! Can’t wait to read more… 🙂

  232. We just had a baby 6 months ago. Whenever I carry the baby, he’s always like “oh, watch his head on the door,” “don’t scratch him with your ring,”, “your zipper is going to scratch him.” He does this , but worse to his Mom and it’s hysterical. Like we are not paying attention at all!! Oh well, at least he cares.

  233. Hey, I just found your blog – thanks for writing. Just wanted to let you know that it’s not showing up correctly on the BlackBerry Browser. Has anyone else had this problem?

  234. Hi there,
    This blog reminds me every time I read it that boys, no matter how old, will always be boys. My boyfriend has to be one of the most exasperatingly annoying people I have ever met… but I love him because of, and despite this! It’s like he wants to get a reaction out of me sometimes!
    I think that you are an excellent writer, and your blog is full of humor and wit, keep up the amazing work so all the ladies out there can empathize with each other about how we cope with these adorably annoying men.


  235. Jessica Herrera

    Please just see the bigger picture…

    Little nasty habits do not equal loving someone who decides to leave you because you’ve nagged for too many years/too many times. My husband of 11 yrs and 11 days has told me today that he’s leaving me. We have a beautiful little boy who just turned 2 in March. We both love our son. I still love him. He doesn’t love me enough to go to counceling or try to work through our problems/differences.

    Husbands/wives can be annoying at times, but think to yourself is it worth them not being around to joke with anymore, or to talk to, spend time with…

    Cherish those God has given you while you have them so that they will be with you for all the days of your life.

    I wish you nothing but the best.


    Jessica from SA TX

  236. Fellow Brockport Alum

    Imagine what your life would be like if one day while your husband was out earning his paycheck, you got a knock on your door and it was two police officers with stone serious faces with some very bad news that will change your life forever.

    You jest about your husband in a public blog and like a good boy he takes it with a grain of salt and a smile while he’s the laughingstock of feminists and angry wives worldwide. He must be the perfect guy for you.

    Wives can be just as annoying but if we blogged about it we’d get hit with a rolling pin upside our heads.

    Enjoy your double-standard life while you wear the pants around the house and continue to treat your husband like the fool you think he is.

    He deserves better this Father’s Day.

    If you really loved him for the man, husband and father he is, you’ll take this blog down.

  237. Your husband IS annoying; I want him to be my new BFF! LOL

    Keep up the love and laughter, you guys rock!

  238. I typed in “my husband is annoying me” as today is saturday and i have the pleasure of my husband Paul’s company all day (and he is reeeeaally irritating me)! I didn’t realise that i would find your blog!!! I am so glad i have because it has really cheered me up! So a big thanks to you from Laura (from Essex U.K)

  239. One would think Creating a blog to list in anal retentive detail a persons eccentricities and peccadilloes would be the most annoying habit of all..

  240. I was hoping to get in touch with you! I looked for an email but only found this… I love your website and think you might be perfect for this TV show I’m developing. My name is Stacey Altman, and I’m working on a new series concept, My husband, the child.
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    Interested people should email: nycproducer123@gmail.com. Please include your name, age, location, contact #’s and a description about your story and current situation with your spouse.

  241. I actually think so too. I have been looking around the web for some time today, and its kinda hard to find something entertaining to read on blogs=P Maybe its because there are too many of them around =) But your place actually keeps catching my attention=) Great stories, and cool design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more visits from now on =P

  242. christine sochor

    I am one of the many who came across your site while googling “My husband is annoying me” while sitting next to him. We both had a lot of laughs!! My husband does things like phoning me to ask where something is in the house (like his slippers) before actually getting up to look for them. These are one of the many things that annoy me about him, but at the exact same time they make me love him more. Thanks for the laughs and I will definitely be following your blog from here on out!!

  243. Thanks for the blog! You lightened up my mood at the end of this exhausting day. It’s nice to know others can love their absolutely annoying husbands, as I. I’m annoyed that my husband leaves a trail of open cabinets and drawers wherever he goes. I can always tell the path to his meal each morning. The worst is when he half unloads the dishwasher, only to be distracted by something else, leaving the dishwasher door open for me to bang my shin into. I was so annoyed, I asked him to be mindful of closing it before walking away. But what does he do instead? Left it open! And as I was approaching the dishwasher, yelled out for me to “be careful, the door’s open”.

  244. At the end of my rope I googled: “I find my spouse annoying” and you popped up! What a relief that someone else is handling life well with one of those grade A, silly goobers of a man. My goober and myself always agree that if we were made into a reality show we would be a hit simply because it would be one of those horrible train wrecks of a show that people love to hate ala: Newlyweds Jessica and Nick. Yuck. We’d be a one season wonder.

    So keep on bloggin’- you’re keeping me going through all the annoying catch phrases and falsetto guitar riffs I have to stomach every day. Thanks!

    • myhusbandisannoying

      Cait, I’m glad you enjoy the blog and can feel my pain! And maybe you should come up with some of your own annoying catch phrases to give your husband a taste of his own medicine!

  245. How about spitting into the sink, tapping the razor hair in there too, and not rinsing it. Leaving uncovered food in the fridge so when it get knocked over, it’s your fault. Cereal not entirely making the bowl in the morning and falling on the floor so you can step on it with bare feet and track it around or have that uncomfortable dirt feeling. Amazingly, I find the farts funny and don’t mind the toilet seat up BUT God help him when he chews like a piglet or snaps the gum. ARGH. Guitar playing in the middle of a TV program-yikes!…says he will make the bed and there are lumps because he tugs at it and doesn’t fully pull up the bedding. He has a lot of GOOD qualities but the ones that really annoy me makes me want to dope-slap him. Ah, marriage… A work in progress. This blog is as funny as all get out!!!…glad I’m not alone

  246. I’m sick at the moment so whatever my hubby does seems twice as annoying as usual (he does it on purpose – to make me smile… Not working). You made me laugh so much :))) Thanx

  247. Love, Love your blog but
    My husband is too annoying to be married to him anymore!
    I am so proud of you that you are still married to the Mr” annoying” – unlike me
    Please keep blogging
    Single mom forever!

  248. Oh you, I found you here too! this must be my ex-who is not only annoying but a sick cheaterwith a risky inferiority complex. You remind me the life I lived with you with 0% of criticizing you about anything involved in it. A practical hell,, and at the end I am advising to live this wonderful couple alone!!!! They have a life – you have illusion!

  249. Sorry , The above comment supposed to be a reply to tuna can man.

  250. Hi, Its Noelle again. I haven’t stopped by your blog in awhile but thought I’d check in tonight. LOL!! The pic of your husband in the green sweater at the grocery store with your daughter looks just like my husband Joe (again). What really made me laugh is that we are living parallel lives. Like you and your husband, Joe and I moved in together 2 weeks before our wedding…and that’s when I discovered just how annoying he can be. The funniest part is, he is completely insulted that I could think this. Even though I have explained we are all annoying in our own ways. Like I know it drives him crazy that instead of hanging up my clothes or putting them in the laundry basket, I lay them on the chair in our bedroom. And yet I continue to do it. 🙂 Anyway, thanks for the blog. It cracks me up. And I can totally relate-like many married women I’m sure.

  251. Everyone has their flaws. No one is perfect. My fiance
    drives me nuts sometimes but i am sure at times i do the same
    thing. Only pet peeve is if you use the last of the toilet paper
    put a new roll out. If he keeps failing to do this, one never knows
    when i may repay the favor =)

  252. Oh thank you. I was starting to think something was seriously wrong with my relationship. Married since 09 and have one child. He does some of the stupidest and most annoying things. .. And I was starting to think that I just fell in love with my other half…. You know… The annoying half! But now I know it’s just a marriage thing! YAY!

  253. HELP !!! someone tells me if you’ve ever heard of this…my husband cleans out the lint screen from the dryer and throws it on the floor. WHAT’s this ??
    if you visit our home, you’ll see these lint piles on the floor. would you pick them up?

    • I wouldn’t pick them up and tell him that he knows where the garbage is…hang a plastic bag on dryer for him or put a garbage beside/infront of dryer

    • I would ask him, what actually he is thinking. my husband actually uses the excuse that he grew up in a household where his mother picked up after him. That I don’t understand, his bachelor pad was clean before we got married. I grew up in a household of divorce and single parenting. Should I start that trend? Come on , cut the excuses.

  254. This is the blog that I’m looking for .
    Great sense of humor

  255. My husband is gross too:
    -picks nose and rolls the booger into a ball to flick-does it while Im driving(he thinks I won’t see this)
    -shits and doesn’t spray and smell goes into bedroom first thing in morning
    -snores really loud
    -no sex or sleeping together-need an occasion to have sex
    -smokes more than I do and he started at 40 and I started at 14
    -farts beside me and says it snuck out

    -lets people insult me in front of him and he does nothing (says he can’t think fast)-his family and friends do this
    -insulted my best friend for the longest time by telling her to blow him
    -been to a councellor for the past year and he doesn’t go see one cause there is nothing wrong with him
    -makes messes and leaves them
    -bitches about cleaning when he made the mess
    -comes home after work and plays Bejeweled for 2-4 hours at a time (no break)
    -eats everything and leaves empty containers in fridge or bread crusts are all thats left of bread
    -tells me he loves me then bring up shit from the past and tells me how bad I am

  256. This is so funny. A lot of it reminds me of my husband!
    The dirty socks, “i’m ok” and the not being able to smell the diaper! 🙂

  257. Just had a big fight with my husband and told him how annoying he is, but of course he didn’t get and instead wondered why i was so mad and tried to reason with me, which made me even madder and then i yelled at him even more and was actually shivering with anger. have not spoken with him for the past 3 hours and googled ‘my husband is annoying’ in the hopes of getting an answer like the ones from the magic 8 ball and voila!! landed at your blog. which got me laughing helplessly at the hapless situation of you and the other married women…and now i’m no longer angry with my husband and am going down to talk to him. thanks for bringing annoyed wives together. 🙂

    • Chantique, I’m glad you enjoy the blog and that it helped you see the humor in all the annoying aspects of marriage!

  258. oh my… i feel sorry for you. does he have some kind of mental condition or something?
    i stumbled upon your blog while searching tips about my whiny husband. after reading yours my problem seems nothing. but how do you keep cool about all this? help me … i’m thinking to call it a day!

  259. Oh right, Tim. Try being nice to him. That will change him – change him into a bigger slob, that is. Mr Entitlement isn’t going to change his stripes – he’ll only take bigger advantage of those who love him. Be nice, be mean, bitch a little, bitch a lot – it won’t make any difference. The cutest trick in boot leather ain’t going to change just because the lady is nice to him.

  260. My husband likes to deal with everything by making it a joke. I have been suffering with depression for the last few years. I go in an out of my phases and have been going to get help. Last night, an Abilify commercial cam on while we had a guest over. Why at that time did he feel the need to ask, “is that what depression is like.” I told him, you never asked me that questions before. He responds, well I never saw the commercial before. I’m thinking , well you could have asked me later after our friend left, but now, you don’t think about people’s feelings and embarrassing people. Now if I embarrassed him in front of his friends, his manhood would habe been six feet under ground and I would habe been considered the worst wife in the world. Come on, please think sometime before you act/speak.

  261. ok, l am officially one of your stalkers 😀

  262. moonlightlady339

    Well, after reading many of the comments here, I feel very happy about my forty year marriage, I certainly picked a winner in my husband, who “does” pick up after himself, who “does” complete projects, loves his children and grandchildren, and who has worked over 80 hour work weeks most of his life. I think women who go into marriage believing that the man is supposed to “make them happy” or “shower them with constant” attention should carve out a life for themselves within the marriage. It has been my experience that when a man sees that his wife is happily engaged in her own activities, he is also a “happy camper”. I’d say to anyone involved in a longterm, live in relationship…love and respect the other person, laugh about your differences, and don’t take any of it too seriously…you’ll be fine.

  263. I love this site…wow! Glad I am home in bed with tennis elbow so I could browse the web and find this!

  264. But I need to know…how many women out there are severely annoyed by their spouse’s noises??? Mine has to try to duplicate EVERY new noise he hears, and he constantly makes noises such as whistling, pen tapping, mouth noises, etc. I just do NOT get it!!! I try to persuade him that he has ADHD but he thinks I am crazy….HELP!!

  265. Oldest of Four

    My Fiance is annoying!! He wants me to tell him how to do some things but gets pissed when I tell him he’s doing stuff wrong. He’s rude and condesending at times. I grew up with all women and he annoys me a LOT. Then he does random kiddish stuff to try to make up for his rudeness. I hope he grows up.

  266. oh my gosh i love this .. i am sitting here listening to my husband smack his food and i cant stand it !!!!

    • OMG! I hate smacking sounds! UGH. Mine told his daughter to stop smacking just last week, then just a few nights ago he is doing it!!! I was like “You mean to tell me that your daughter’s smacking was getting on your nerves, but you cannot hear yourself doing the same thing??” He kept on doing it and I ended up mimicking him each time he did it.

  267. your husband should get you an extra special anniversary present this year – a divorce.

    • Todd, thanks for your advice to my husband; I will be sure to pass it on to him.Though I doubt he’ll take you up on it because we happen to be very happily married.

      • Oh, I’m positive he won’t take you up on it – but I assure you that its not because you are happily married.

        Spin it however you want, but happily married couples who respect each other would never give a thought to posting the kinds of details about their lives that you post.

        If he had any self respect, your husband would have had all of your stuff boxed up and sitting on the curb a long time ago, and he’d be shopping for a woman with some tact and discretion.

        Calling your union “happy” is outrageous – and more alarmingly, is an obvious indication of just how imperceptive you are to your husband’s identity and his feelings (but sadly, seems to be the current state of affairs in marriage these days). Any adult with a marginal IQ and reasonable social skills would know that even if their spouse claimed to be “ok” with the kinds of things you post, deep down they’re NOT “ok.” Its wishful thinking and a convenient excuse on your part.

        In any case, I’ve seen enough. I think I’ll take your advice…

        clicking the little ‘x’ button in 3..2..1…

  268. I hope you know that this blog disrespects your significant other in a very public way. Whilst many will dismiss this as “lighthearted fun”, it’s very title is demeaning to someone that you are supposed to love. Whilst everyone will be privately annoyed by their other from time to time, you have overstepped the line by making it public and embarrassing him.

    Whilst he may be okay with what you are doing, your actions show how little you value him.

    • David, I am not “supposed” to love my husband; I do love my husband. And being his wife, I also know him a lot better than any of you. Believe me, if this blog bothered him in the slightest, I would not continue it much less have started it in the first place. Because I know him, I know that he truly does get a kick out of it. In fact, he often asks me why I don’t post with the frequency that I used to.

      I find it so odd that so many of you comment on what an awful person I am; what a terrible wife I am; how my husband should divorce me; etc, etc. Do you know me at all? Do you know my husband? No, you do not. You get to read little snippets that I choose to put out there and that my husband approves of. What more is there to say? If you are offended by it, then by all means, hit the little ‘x’ button that closes the window and never think of me, my husband or this blog ever again. But trust me when I tell you that my marriage is strong, healthy and happy.

      • I love this blog, it’s great that you and your husband have an open relationship. Me and my husband annoy each other every day but that does not stop us from loving one another. GOOD LUCK!!!


  269. i guess i don’t understand how annoying equals endearing. annoying just equals annoying. if you find his moronic behaviour annoying but endearing, i simply fail to understand how that can be.

  270. Luisa Alvarese

    why do some men ask questions they know the answers to if only they would take the time to THINK before they ask? If he is home and I am at work, he will call and ask me if there is any more bread (or whatever). This is annoying since he is at home. Go look dang it and stop calling me with silly stuff.

  271. This website is so helpful everytime my husband annoys the crap out of me. I don’t know how I could possible live everyday of my life like this.
    My husband and I don’t have anything in common. He is really annoying.
    Everything he does, he does it with a suspicious look on his face, only on purpose to make me wonder what the hell his is doing behind my back. He is so paranoid he makes me paranoid. He won’t tell me how much money he has or gets mad when i look through his phone. When I check there isn’t a damn thing suspicious on there! he is constantly acting like he doesn’t hear me when i tell him off he’ll just say “what?” over and over making me repeat myself untill i realize he isn’t listening. He is so disrespectful and rude! He punches the door hard when I am in there just to startle me. When he gets ready for work he makes soooo much noice. He’s 6’2 and makes so much noise when he walks. He is a constant bully making fun of me and the kids and thinks he’s funny but he’s just arrogant and annoying!

    • I had to laugh when I read this, my husband walks the same way… so heavy, or he drags his feet on the ground, I am constantly saying pick up your feet, nothing like bare feet sliding along a hardwood floor.. I am so glad I am not alone… I thought perhaps I was this horrible person 😦

  272. Wow…annoying is an understatement.sometimes I think I cant wait to come home and then I get there only to be
    annoyed by my fourth child..HIM the yelling.the knit picking the noise..when does it end.is it normal to beso mad everyday.and just think we have the rest of our lives.YAY…. Cant wait

  273. I am never getting married.

  274. Apparently it is not uncommon to lay in bed after a day with your annoying hubby, think you just can’t handle anymore annoyingness, google the issue lookng for selfhelp tips and find this site? Like the previous posters that’s how I got here!

  275. Wow

  276. So funny, it can only get better. TRAIN HIM. ha! ha!

  277. Hi i am happy to be part of this discussion and also happy that i got some to share with. My husband is annoying too.He works in IT and he spends lot of time at TV or internet i dont say he wont love me but he love”s me a lot,but he all the time he spends in scolding me for some or other reasons which makes me so unhappy and makes me feel like to move away from him but i love him a lot. He scolds me infront of strangers also suggest me some answer to solve this

  278. I have been marreid 27 years and I can tell you that it doesn’t get any easier. My husband admited to me once that he actually “enjoyed” doing things that irritate me, that it was “fun” to observe my annoyance slowly build up, then explode. Now, of course, he denies he ever said that. He also believes that everything negative that happens is my fault. Not just in our relationship, but if the price of bread goes up, if he gets a flat tire, if there are repairs to be made in the house, if the weather is bad, if the post is late, if neighbor’s dog is barking — you name it. After 27 years, I feel that I cannot possibly “start over” and honestly, I do not want to! Flip-side — I know that I do things that must irritate my husband, but I never know WHAT the heck it is until he suddenly explodes — then I find out he is ticked off about something I did (or didn’t do) two or three years ago. If anyone can figure out the solution to these issues discussed here, God Bless Them!

  279. Found this blog after a big blow-out with my husband. Was looking for a place to gripe and read gripes and found this hilarious site instead. Also discovered how jealous I am of your great marriage. Hats off to your husband for being such a great guy and a fabulous sport. People who can laugh at themselves are the best kind! Don’t let comments by pathetic losers like Todd and Dave affect you. They’re clueless and probably miserable in their lives. Keep up the great work, and best to you and your family!

  280. My guy and I aren’t married and not sure I want to deal with his insane annoying behaviors on a daily basis. We can’t even ride in the car together for any distance that he doesn’t start some kind of ridiculous nonesense that truly makes him look like a total idiot. He knows he’s driving me nuts and sometimes will laugh and clap his hands like he’s won his own little annoy the girlfriend game. He says that just his way of having fun, that’s him and he’s not going to change. I say if you’re having fun at someone else’s expense and they aren’t enjoying it at all then there is a greater issue here. What do you think?

  281. I love this blog! Keeps me sane as it describes my other half perfectly, right down to the dirty socks! Just to share, My husband has discovered a new way of breathing! Sniffling! Like a bloodhound! Mind you, he’s not having a cold or anything.

    After the third day of giving him dirty looks, which had not worked, I decided to do something or go nuts. “The tissues are there” I would mention with feigned casualness.

    “No need…. Snifffffffffff” came the reply without even looking up from the cellphone.
    And then, he gave me a satisfied, relieved look.

  282. Wow, I am so glad I found this blog. Here’s the thing, my boyfriend, to whom I am seriously considering marriage, annoys the living daylights out of me. He is the best boyfriend I have ever had though which makes me realize that problem just might lie with me 😉 Some of the most annoying things he does are
    *not comb his hair. His hair will be sticking straight up and going in eight different directions. I don’t even know if he owns a comb.
    *say, “WHA?” really loudly everytime I ask him anything. I have finally stopped repeating myself because I realize he has heard me but just wants me to keep talking while he figures out a response. It’s like a natural response for him to ask what instead of just answering. If someone says ANYTHING to him, he says “WHA?” and then response to the question about ten seconds later.
    *He is the scariest driver because he is slow and doesn’t pay attention. He has been rear ended like four times because he stops at green lights. I may have to take the wheel from here on out.
    Some wonderingful things about him:
    He has a kind heart.
    He gives me little massages all of the time.
    He lets me know how attractive I am to him.
    He makes me laugh.
    He lets me have my way…most of the time.
    He’s supportive of my dreams.
    That’s why I think I can let those other things go… 🙂

  283. Jess Dailey Hammonds

    hi. So I too have an annoying husband but if he weren’t annoying he would be so plain. I was just speaking with my friend who is single and dating someone who is so “Annoying” his annoyances are the fact that he pays attention to her too much, says “sooooooo” and “ummmmmmk?”. So I said “Really?!” Those are no deal breakers. He is nice, attentive, attractive, helpful, successful, loves children and believes in God. Pretty much the WHOLE package. She typically breaks up with a guy right before they say “I love you”. She said “I don’t want to be with someone who annoys me forever” well hunny then you will be alone because any significant amount of time with someone and they will annoy you. I am thankful that my husband is weird and quirky and that he accepts my annoyances and loves me just the same. 

  284. To all the posters who are so unhappy with this blog, the solution is simple: If you don’t like it, don’t read it. I really do not understand people getting upset about what the blogger chooses to post about HER husband. She’s married to him, she knows him better than anyone here and she can say anything she wants to about him. Why the attitude? If the roles were reversed, I highly doubt there would be so much nastiness. Probably more laughter or just ignored.

  285. LOL!!! Your blog is just what I need. I am so fed up with my husband’s annoying habits. Hey I know how you fell and I’ll be a regular on here! Thanks for saying what the rest of us feel.

  286. My husband is so annoying! Aaaarrrgggg! He does things intentionally just annoy me. For example, he likes to fart just about anywhere… And then giggle about it. He also has the most annoying voice I’ve ever heard in my life! Let’s not even mention his laugh! It’s not that I don’t love him, he’s just kind of annoying. But it’s evident that he loves me so badly and I can’t see myself without him. He loves me for everything that I am, no matter my bitch fits, my tantrums… And his annoyingness is actually somewhat funny…

  287. Honey………your blog is like a lifted weight off my chest. I have been with my husband aalmost 4 yrs and married to him a little under a year. We have a son that’s 6 months old and I swear some days its like I have 2 kids! We didn’t live together before we were married and when that glorious time came, I don’t know what I was expecting but I didn’t get it. Don’t get me wrong I do love my husband and want my marriage to be prosperous but man some days I could just choke-slam him like they do on WWE Lol! He was so sweet and such a gentleman while we dated and his proposal was so wonderful, our wedding was nice and then it was all down hill. He is an awesome father to our son, he’s a very generous person, and he is thoughtful on occassion, oh and he buys great gifts( when he buys them). But he truly lacks in the emotional department. If he was a little more compassionate and affectionate things would be awesome. I know some women would love the gifts and money. But I have had that stuff my whole life ( kinda spoiled) I would hug sometimes. Yeah yeah I know men aren’t emotional but a girl can dream right?? The emotional thing causes a domino effect on the rest of our issues like strong contradiction and a terrible double standard. But I don’t mean to vent got a little carried away. Love the blog!

  288. We have been married for 18 years, together for 21. We are British and so mention irksome things not, well, at least not for the first 15 years. We produced two carbon copies: one for me, one for him.
    All is well when life is just about us two. we’re clearly a match, but he’s been ready to let the children go since the first one hit 13! Now I loathe the way he sits, eats, talks to our children, evenings, his physique (belly!), teeth, snores, feet, thoughts and conversations; but only when we are all together. We are happy and in comfortable love for two, until school kicks out, then we all hate each other and go to bed awaiting a better new day. Does anyone else dread the family evening? I feel so sadly guilty – somewhere between letting the children fledge or forcing the husband to leave and spend some time with his Mum. (Mom!) I crave peace and equilibrium…

  289. I’m hoping that your blog can help turn my attitude around. I have a husband with a wonderful heart that loves me deeply, but I honestly don’t know how much more annoyances that I can take. He knows how much the typical, petty “guy things” bother me, so he has actually made a real effort over the few years we’ve been together. Still, he manages to “forget” something or do something rather idiotic at least once a day. I’ll finally start thinking positively about him during the day and then BAM he texts me about something stupid he’s done, comes home to tell me about it, or I find it around the house. I don’t even get mad anymore. I just lose a little more of the good feeling that I have for him. When I’m annoyed, I have no interest in sex, so I’ve had no interest for quite a few weeks now. I used to “do it” because I felt like I should, but now I’ve just stopped forcing myself. I feel really sorry about that, but if he was better in that department, it would probably help. There is nothing in it for me. I think I could deal with most of what bothers me if he could just hear what I say and remember it. That is the worst part of all. I am so tired of repeating myself or saying “I told you that already” or “we talked IN DETAIL about that yesterday, last week, month, etc”. I feel like we both deserve better. He deserves a woman that needs a man and will take care of him. A woman that finds his antics, selective hearing, and forgetfulness charming. I deserve to live by myself, in a clean house, with only a pet to talk to. I’d be happier. At least the pet wouldn’t ask “what?” right after I speak or forget what I said 2 seconds later. I have no interest in divorce. I don’t want to replace him. At this point, an open relationship sounds good to me. Not for me, but for him. I try every day to talk myself out of being overly annoyed, but once I start feeling better, he manages to annoy me again.
    We are both hoping things will get better when we move back to America, where I can find a job, make real friends, and get out of the house more. Sometimes I think that I am too smart and dependable to ever be happy with him. We just aren’t on the same level.

  290. Gosh, I am so glad I googled “How to handle my annoying fiance”. This blog is awesome!

  291. This is a very refreshing blog. My husband of 36 years is now mayor of our town for yet another 4 years. Oh Yay. Our kids are grown and happily married with children. I’m on the sidelines trying not to step to hard and do to much yard & house reparirs at home. He gets all mad and pouts.
    I am thinking a hearing aid or two for him for Christmas. Thanks for letting me vent. Dede

  292. My husband irritates the shit out of me. Wanna know why? He is online playing black ops about 20 hours when he doesnt work. Im tired of seeing it, tired of hearing it. tired of hearing him make stupid ass jokes on the blutooth to his gaming friends. I cant stand that he would rather shoot an imaginary man, than have sex with his wife. haha!! All though he talks about it. I hate that he doesnt know where the dirty dishes go. I hate that he cant find his own clothes and so on. And so on.

    • Or they ask where something is, you tell them the exact drawer, a few seconds go by, he can’t find it. You put down what you were doing, walk across the house, open the drawer, remove 1 layer or thing from the drawer,,,,,,,,,,,, and holy hell its right there!!!!!

  293. So true!!! We were courted with a charming, funny, gentleman that turned into Al Bundy! But in fairness he started out with a woman who always had her hair, makeup, and nails done. That dressed to the nines every time he saw me. Now he gets to fawn over my unwashed hair, chipped polish, and sweats 90% of the time! Whoever said marriage is beautiful must have been blind!!!

  294. please someone read my Crying stories. My husband is such a hopeless guy I have ever seen. I am too shy to initiate the ‘Lets do it’ thing. still at times I tried to avoid complaints and wore a sexy dress and came to my husband who was watching some irritating series as usual. When I started he said give me 3 min this series will be over 😥

  295. I am an annoying husband…… so here’s an idea, if you give it (annoying-ness) as much as he dishes out, he might get the message, or not, but it is worth a try. Leave the dishes, he’ll complain, leave his clothes, he’ll complain, just get him to visually understand (yes, just like porn) what is required to keep himself and his environment (even perhaps yours too), clean and tidy, maybe even slightly respectable, as for belching and passing gas, its just not acceptable, public or private its foul and obscene, perhaps a swift kick in the situpon would curb these disgraceful habits.
    Men are like ….. well cavemen, “me see, me like”, me full, me belch, etc…etc… you get the idea its a single phase mind that is unable to handle complex idea’s like a womens feelings – wow there i said it, we don’t know how to react, however i understand i have become a better husband since my daughter was born – little lady who i don’t want to take on my shocking habits, only good habits like helping…

  296. Bwahaha. And your blog is why I’m proudly single.

  297. my husband annoys me so much, he makes weird noises like his dumb laugh every time I say something he goes :”HMMP” dumb laugh. His constant choking drives me bonkers. Also he splashes his drink in his bottle and constantly does annoying things and sounds knowing that it drives me crazy. He pourpsly farts. And the most annoying this is he tells me everything he does and is going to do.

  298. I am upset that i am annoyed by mine. Just laid off and home ALL THE TIME .He used to be gone 4 to 6 weeks, and home 1 to 2 weeks. I am ready to pull my hair out sometimes. Yet, just 6 weeks ago i missed him so much i couldn’t stand it. It amazes me how in his absence from my life, i completely forgot the things that irritated me about him the last 23 years. With God’s help we will make it through this, and it is my hope that we emerge even stronger.

  299. I love this site! Not married, single, but LOVE it!!!

    And as for the haters… They’re not even worth the amount of energy it takes to reply to them. I’m 14 and even I wouldn’t stoop that low. Ticks me off. Great blog, keep it up!

  300. I also am married to an annoying man who I love very much. He is definitely more annoying to more people than your average annoying husband. I have had friends and acquaintances comment on his annoying behavior. He also happens to be incredibly loving and loyal and sweet to my kids(he is their step dad) and dedicated to his aging dad. There are some things about his behavior that I just have to accept, and some things that he really must change. In some ways, tho, I guess that’s true for all of us. I am trying to find the balance and challenge myself to love him as he loves me and to a certain degree not care what others think and say. Suffice it to say, its not always easy. Jesus help me, its not. Especially if I am tired or have had one too many. Perhaps I should start w/ adequate sleep and abstaining. Wait let’s be realistic. Sleep first. Baby steps?

  301. hahaha I just googled mu hubbys lazy and it shits me hahahaha. I guess they are all the same.

  302. Put some gas in the car yourself you lazy bitch.

  303. my husband is so annoying.. he is always too tired to take a shower.. he leaves his shoes and his socks everywhere.. he never brush his teeth so i never want to kiss him.. i am so tired to let him know that i am not his maid.. we have a son, he is tree years old.. we have 4 year of marriage, for now i am not working , i am just taking care of my son.he is the one who works, he never help at home , he doesnt ever take the garbage out ,, he just get home , sleeps , eat and sometimes plays with our son.. my husband alway says that he loves me but it is becoming more difficul to me to say @ me , too@…. i must say that he is hard worker and a good father and always seem the perfect man to other eyes but i am so tired.. am i overeacting or overlooking his bad habits…” need help!!!

  304. I don’t think the blog is hilarious at all. Could be with a little more self analysis. Maybe. Your husband has habits that took years to accumulate and so do you. I hear a not-so-nice-person-to-be-with in your words, too. Some habits can be changed with a little persuasion but most will remain. You will have to love him as he is or get out. Getting out is a real option. And that is not funny. That is just the way it is. Maybe the original fault was getting in in the first place. As for poor Ms Cerna and other spouses like her, she is – it seems from far too short a comment – a bit ‘enabling’. She doesn’t have to ‘get mad’, she only has to stop ‘enabling’ him to be such a parasite. Same for other ‘spoiled brat souses’. Support for a spouse does not mean ‘doing what they want’. It means ‘doing the right thing’ and hoping that your action acts as a prompt for them and you to grow. But complaining because he is who he is just plain counterproductive. Do it right and get to work on both your selves or get out. Repeat as often as necessary.

  305. Take my wife, she is like your husband.

  306. Im sitting at work and your blog is making me turn red behind my computer. Great concept, i’m a fan!

  307. Found your site because like many, I Googled the subject hoping to find coping advice. I found some of that and your blog. Geesh. I felt so much better after reading your blog. I will continue to read it without reading the comments because we allow free speech and I don’t resonate with some of the comments so won’t get myself all annoyed by reading their comments. I am already plenty annoyed.

  308. I’m a nursing student and a mother of a 6 month old. Today I was dead exhausted from trying to study and take care of a VERY fussy baby and about a couple hours after my husband got home and took on the “gabby monster” he says “I’m starving, I say we get something to eat since the chicken is still frozen. Burger King or McDonalds?” I said I was in the mood for BK then he’s like ok.. You need money? Basically telling me I will be going out and getting dinner tonight. OR how his cleaning skills caused me to have to ask my instructor for another lab bag for class. How someone loses a bunch of nursing equipment in a bag, I will never know. But at the end of the day with each new grey strand of hair on my head, he’s still my husband and I love him

  309. Hello,
    It’s my first time to visit your blog and I gotta say I love it.
    I am not married, but I totally admire your sense of humor, because who knows maybe one day I will do the same thing since i’m such an OCD person.
    But one question though, does your husband know about this?

  310. My husband and I have been together for over 20 years and I’ve learned to deal with the noises and smells and other minor irritants. What I don’t care for is always having to be the grown-up or bad guy. He rarely disciplines the kids and often teaches them things that I have to un-teach like picking up the silverware at a restaurant and chanting over and over again “where’s my food, where’s my food”….then I’m accused of having no sense of humor. When he wants to buy a large item he has learned to check with me as to where our finances are at since he has no clue, but then he pouts when we can’t afford something because mortgage is due or I need to go grocery shopping. The thing is I’m not a great disciplinarian or financier, and I’m about as far from the OCD, nagging, must do everything my way kind of wife as you could get, yet I’m still the “heavy.” He says he can’t help it that he’s just a kid at heart, but I am too and I enjoy the occasions when I can act like a kid again. We have far too many responsibilities (and wrinkles) though to always act like children 🙂

  311. Emiliza Bullis

    My husband is gross , and annoying. He facts and blows on me.Married 8 yrs in September, 14 years together total. He is a nice guy and loving but he facts to much the bedroom stinks. Not a very romantic guy too. But there’s no perfect man us women have to be less emotional and analysis everything. If he doesn’t cheat or beats you. A good father he’s not that bad , but my hubs I s annoying too sometimes.

  312. I cannot believe I didn’t think about how annoying my husband can be before we got married. I love him but also hate him when he annoy the crap out of me. Here are things he does that drive me crazy.

    1. He is super slow in getting ready to go somewhere. He spend more time than me and the kids (and yes I am the one getting the 2 kids ready).
    2. He always complain about something (meat too tough, I should have done this or that to make it better, etc.)
    3. His favorite word is “NO”, he refuses, denies before he even think about it.
    4. He is a freak about security, we live in the dark even in the day time because he does not want people to see us through the windows
    5. He likes to have music on super loud in the house. We can hardly hear each other or the kids talking. He get mad when I turn it off or turn it down.
    6. He is very negative about other people
    7. I hate it when he asks me out loud in the restaurant how much tip should we pay. His math is awful!
    8. He argues with me in front of the kids even though he know it is not good
    9. He is not on the same page with me in disciplining the kids. He say yes when I say no
    10. He always leave his shoes / socks in the hallway (dangerous for kids and me, we could trip over them)
    11. His laugh is awful when he knows he gets on my skin and that I am mad. He enjoys making me mad. He annoys me on purpose just for fun.
    12. Our wifi is unplugged every night for security purpose he said

    There are more but that is what I can think of for now.

  313. This is such a funny thread. I laughed several times at posts and truly believe laughter is the best medicine. My list is so long that it would take too long but the regular dirty gross and peeling outside are all there. We have been together for 8 years and both of us do not work. He is a trust fund baby and I have recently been diagnosed with chronic pain and can not work at least until they solve the problem. We are together 24/7 and the kids are home because it’s summer. Oh lord! His newest and funniest annoyance is that he had to put together our new tv. Now mind you he is the opposite of handy and anything that has needed to be put together has been done by me the last 8 years. He bought a tv the other night and I could not put it together cause I was in too much pain. He wouldn’t wait for me to put it together the next day so he did. First off he could not get the screws to fit (there were only 8 total, two different sizes. He was so frustrated he said he was going to home depot because the screws they gave him “didn’t fit”. Unopened brand new tv. Ok. I didn’t say a word. He came back with a $200 power drill!!! Oh lord. So he proceeded to put it together cussing and yelling but will not wait for me to do it. Finally hours later it is put together. But it is not stable and moves like a tee ter tawter. Lol. Nobody go near it. The next day he returns it and says they just don’t make Sony’s loke they used to and it’s defective. Lol. He then comes home with a 60″ and all I think is oh hell. He doesn’t want my help and is wanting me to see that he can do it. He loses one of the screws (this one only had 4) and we can’t find them anywhere. I find another screw around the house and thank god it fits. Problem is that this one is a tee ter tawter tv too!!! LMAO. Now it is at least working but if anyone in the house brushes it slightly it’s a goner. I have no idea how long it will stay on the dresser or how I am going to dust it when the time comes. He still thinks he did a good job and that both TV’s are defective.

    • Sorry about the mis-spellings and typos. My Android wouldn’t let me correct. Anyway point is I annoy him too and he has no problem letting me know. It just is what happens when you have been around each other for a long time. Believe me, every day is a “long time” when you are together 24/7. Lighten up and laugh as much as you can.

  314. Theres no creature more annoying than my husband, not even a gift that’s supposed to be a pet rock that has faded un pet like chalk on it. He can be annoying in countless styles. Tonight like most weekend nights in the blithering drunk idiot style trying to have a serious conversation. Concluding with a guilt trip for not being supportive of what ever he was trying to express at a loud level

  315. michelleshulman

    Oh boy, this thread is long. I have been with my man for four years now. We live one mile apart. I spend 2-3 nights with him a week. He talks about us living together and I am unsure, still. I could save a ton of money, for sure, but I love where I live…three blocks from the Pacific Ocean in a love northern CA town. I get great sunlight in my place and have a huge outdoor deck. He lives in a mobile home park (very attractive, upscale, clean). I just cannot make myself do it, though. I am afraid it will ruin the relationship. Sometimes when I spend the night there, I watch him and his odd ways. He is SUPER persnickety about SO many things. How the dishes need to be washed, how the laundry needs to be done, how the doors to the closet should be, the sound, the light…AGH! I never cook at his house because he watches everything I do. SO….I suggested he cooks at his house and does his own dishes and when he comes to my house, I cook and clean up. Seems to work, for now. I love the “idea” of living with him…but just like the way it is. We do go on RV camping trips and the longest was 25 days. I was so ready to get back to my own place, even though we had a good time. When RV camping, we are together 24/7 in a small space. I’m sure I drive him nuts (but can’t imagine how). He is a good man and is super into our relationship and is always wanting to talk things over and focuses on kindness (which is what keeps me with him). I think Mimi is right, lighten up and laugh as much as you can.

  316. No wonder there’s a 50-60% divorce rate in America. This blog highlights the reason why. Selfish, unappreciative wives. Appreciate what you got ladies – annoyances and all. Some day he may decide he’s had enough and not come home.

  317. There is no need to call red blooded humans having a rant selfish and unappreciative. Everyone has a right to have their voice heard and if it means finding comfort with other understanding females on this blog theen so be it.

  318. Yeah – and if some guy started a blog called “My Wife is Annoying” – he’d be served with divorce papers the next day.

  319. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked
    submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr…

    well I’m not writing all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to
    say great blog!

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  322. girl my husband comes home with lipstick on, what do you guys suggest i should do? Should i threaten him with a divorce?

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  324. Kavita Bassarath, Trinidad.

    i was very surprised to see a blog like this. I thought I was alone. my husband sings incessantly and loves to play his keyboard. poor guy, he doesn’t know he sounds terrible and I die a little each time I lie and say I have a headache for him to stop. poor guy, he thinks I have a headache problem and is always advising me to see a doctor, little does he know I need to see a psychologist for my lying. but really folks, he sounds terrible and I have never heard him sing an entire song completely in this 8 years of marriage, if he’s unsure about the lyrics he improvises and sometime spirit of the made-up lyrics is completely different to that of the real song.

    I know I sin every time I lie, but I feel if I don’t lie to him one day I would throw him off the balcony and walk away as cool as a cucumber…hope i’m not some kind of psychopath or sociopath.

  325. Dirty underwear and eating with open mouth in restarant, when everybody else doing just fine, that is how my husband roll, pretty annoying, funny not fun.

  326. Well Ladies, 18 years that is how long we were together.
    But that is it, decided it might get worst and I cannot deal with that.
    I kept questioning it, it was only at times of affection that I did
    not question.

    But what’s the point If I question too much.
    No way will I teach or allow a man to be a child.

  327. I broke up with boyfriend / of 18
    Years oh my God, what you can put up with.
    I mainly liked our lovemaking , but many of you do not get that even.
    But I still would like someone that we truly understand , can communicate and encourages my talents.

    I admire the humor, but his jokes were do obvious , I couldn’t even laugh.

    Unfortunately , he often said things in reversed did not believe it and would get mad at me for not understanding.

    Keep up the optimism and humor.

    • Frankly,
      I think many men behave this way, because deep down they think that getting married is enough, that his supreme sacrifice was just getting married.
      And working if he works; I think really they have no concept of what being married is.
      I am not saying all of them, but most.
      My boyfriend would tighten the bolts on the toilet seat, and say u didn’t notice I tightened the toilet seat ?
      After 18 years, we were not living together, at the time of the break up.
      I said you have to look in the refrigerator and get yourself something to eat. He said, I am a guest. What u r not guest. Well I can go on and on.

  328. Just reading these comments is comforting. I have been married for over 12 years and I have dreamed about how to get rid of my husband. I wont do it of course but its just a dream I have….oooohhhhh to be single again….lol. My husband is the kind that takes something you say and turns it around on you. I worry about his health and mental focus but he denies EVERYTHING. He could be in a major yelling fit and say that he is not angry…or yelling. It makes me want to tear my hair out and scream! Its getting to the point where I hardly talk to him, then he wonders why? Its like that person who wants to commit that “suicide by cop” thing, I swear he wants me to hurt him sometimes. Is he TRYING to be a major annoyance or is he just that stupid? Even my daughter (she is 12) is not wanting to be home alone with him because of the constant arguing about everything. I dont spoil her but when my daughter and I are together without her father, we get along perfectly. I got home early one day from college and as soon as my daughter gets home, its fight time. My husband thinks we are back in the 60’s and gets mad when she has an opinion that is different than his. He thinks she is wanting to not listen when in fact HE is not listening to HER. He does not see it, not matter what I say or how I say it. Its getting to the point where I would rather be alone and not have him in our lives. But then the next day, he acts like nothing is wrong. He is nice, does things for us, takes us to the library and gets us a pop. This is not our normal life, we usually stay home and he is gone for hours. I dont ask where he is going, he is a grown man, but he stays gone for 6+ hours at a time. When I want to return a small toy to the neighbors house, I have him following me. Seriously annoying! I dont drink, party or do drugs….and I have never been with anyone else while we were married. Trust is not his strong suit with this man, no reason at all for him to be that way.
    Anyway, this is pretty much my life. It seems like I live in an Insane Asylum. Thank you for listening to me. I will continue to live this way until I die probably because he WILL NOT get help. He refuses to accept that he is off and needs help.

  329. So do we just need to keep focusing on the positive things and do our best to let go of the not so positive things in our partners????? i just feel like his tone lately has been annoyed at me and snappy. he has said the same about me! I dont know. Im tired just thinking about it way too much!

  330. He Snorts like a Cow When he Sleeps, He Puts the dark work clothes and Towel with my White tee Shirts So they puck up every ounce of dirt so I have to beat him in doing the laundry . He wears his Work Clothes even When He is at home & he has tons of Other Clothes he nevsr wears I may as well just get bim all work clothes. Also he never relaxes he always works.

  331. hi iv been wth my partner 4 almost 7 years now,we have a 5year old & he found me with 2 kids,we once gt into a serious break-up 4 about 6 months & got back together but i wasnt sure if i wanted him back.The reason i broke up wth him is because i didnt love him any more,he annoyes me most of the time & i get bored when he’s around.SEX! I just have sex with him to satisfy his needs & we have to fight before i get into the sheets with him,i dont enjoy having sex with him anymore i just get bored & pretend.This has been happening for over a year now since we got back together,i dont know if i still love him anymore,or maybe am i still with him because my kids adores him or let alone i dont wanna be single i dont know im confused!

  332. When folks throw the complain about their spouse out there the first thing I want to say is… What about the crap you do to annoy them?!?!?!!!

    What are you bringing to the table in this relationship? Chew on that one for a bit!!!

  333. You need some excitement in your life😉

  334. I have a husband whom i’ve fell out of love with years ago.I’ll rephrase that statement I love him,but not in love…He has so many flaws he sucks his thumb drinks smokes,swears all the time and he is also very lazy.Now that we’re in our 40’s I see no growth in him nor our marriage.I am mentally drained by this marriage and I want out…

  335. I just saw the post and reminded of my husband. Sometimes i just want to throw him at train. I don’t know if is just me or is something wrong with him. I know he loves me, but most of the time i sleep alone. He loves to sit by the couch and falls asleep there. I wake up all the time alone. Wth, I didn’t move with him to be alone again… Ladies i need comments.

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