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Reader Submission: Kourtni

My fiance is absolutely amazing, except in public. The most annoying thing he does is at the grocery store. We don’t live together yet but I always take him grocery shopping with me because he can get himself snacks for my apartment and he helps me carry in all the bags when we get back home. Anyway, I’ll admit I take quite awhile grocery shopping. I peruse the aisles and look to get the best prices (I’m on a budget after all!). While I’m deep in concentration trying to figure out between brand-name or store-brand, my fiance will sneak items in the cart while I’m not looking. The things he sneaks aren’t things he wants, though — pickled pig’s feet, bouillon cubes, and economy size ranch dressing to name a few.

The worst part is getting up to the cash register with these items. I won’t catch them in the cart until I’m putting things up on the counter. Obviously, I’m not going to buy these things so I quickly give my fiance a dirty look and place them where the impulse-buy items are (gum, candy, mints, etc.) which inevitably leads to the cashier and people behind me to give me dirty looks, while my fiance is snickering behind the cart. The first time he did it, I didn’t catch it, and I ended up buying canned beets and mock caviar. These things are still sitting on my pantry shelf, forever reminding me of how annoying my precious husband-to-be is.


Reader Submission: Kayla

My husband is so annoying. He works in IT and spends an inordinate amount of time on the internet. That’s not so bad, but he spends 90% of that time on Reddit. Still not a problem, except he feels the need to inform ME of everything he reads. It doesn’t matter if I’m watching TV, or cooking dinner, or working on my website, reading, or talking on the phone. Its, “Hey, did you know that there is a fungus that infects ant’s brains and makes them drown themselves?” or “Oh wow, apparently if gravity was stronger, it would overwhelm the force holding out molecules together and we’d be torn apart through the floor.” and other such nonsense. Bear in mind also, that he’s terrible at relaying facts, and even if I WAS interested in what he said and asked a follow-up question, he’s already moved on and will say, “I dunno, I didn’t read it.”

 And those aren’t even the worst. The worst are the things I just HAVE to see. The things he will pester me about until I stop whatever I am doing, get up and look over his shoulder and what amazing thing he HAS to share with me. It’s always something like a motorcycle in a tree, a weird breed of animal, or a screenshot from a video game. Most of the time its stupid. A lot of the time its grotesque, and 100% of the time I could have done without it.

Reader Submission: Debbie

Hi! I just wanted to say that I found your blog after searching for “everything my husband does annoys me” and it was exactly what I needed! So nice to hear that I am not alone. I wanted to share some tidbits of my own to get them off my chest and hopefully I will feel better! 🙂 We just celebrated our 7 year anniversary and I feel the annoyances getting worse and worse…

1) No matter how many times I ask hubby nicely, “when you see that the trash can is full, can you take it out and put in a new plastic bag?” he will not. He will continue to throw garbage after garbage into the kitchen trash can until the lid will no longer close. He will ONLY take the trash outside if I myself, remove the bag, tie it up, place it outside on our front patio, and ask him repeatedly to throw it into the outside container. He will only comply if he is already on his way out to do something else. Heaven forbid he go outside JUST to take the trash out!

2) Along the same vein, the man does not understand the concept of recycling. I’ve told him over and over, not to throw dirty paper towels and napkins into the recycling. Seriously 5 seconds after the words come out of my mouth, I’ll see him wipe his dirty mouth/hands with a napkin, ball it up, and toss it in the recycling container.

3) If i see another random beer bottle cap on the counter I’ll scream…

4) The ‘ol “I’m going to lie down for 10 minutes” on the weekends that turns into a 2 hour nap (when I was the one who woke up early with the kids and let him sleep in). Meanwhile I’m struggling to entertain our 1 and 4 year old boys AND cook dinner.  Even better when he doesn’t even tell me he’s going to lie down and mysteriously disappears in the house to take a nap as if I’m not going to notice.

5) When he washes the dishes, he will not remove the existing dry dishes from the rack. Instead, he will pile new wet dishes as high as the eye can see until they are practically reaching the ceiling. Glasses are teetering and balancing on top of pots, pots on top of our kid’s dishes, etc. What is it with men and their inability to put things away??

6) He is very neat and clean when it comes to HIS things. He will step over toys and dirty laundry, yet his office desk is in impeccable order and he will chastise me if I forget to rinse out the coffee pot (he loves his morning coffee). Nevermind the 20 other dirty dishes in the sink, his coffee pot must be rinsed/washed out immediately!

7) He just loves to buy cheap crap. Just because something is $1, he’ll buy it because it’s “cheap”. Then it goes unused and ultimately thrown away. If we’re at Ikea, he’ll insist on buying $1 salad tongs. One time he bought 3 sets of them because they were cheap! Um… he doesn’t eat salad and they were never used. Our bookcase is filled with un-read books that he keeps buying from Amazon for inspiration (he’s a web designer). in 8 years together, I have never seen him finish a book from cover to end, yet he keeps buying more and more books. In his free time he’s either lying down or watching movies yet he will complain to me later that he has no free time to read his books 😐

Ok I could probably go on but I think I’ll stop 🙂 On the other end of the spectrum, he puts up with my nagging and constant reminders and never gets annoyed with me (on the outside at least!)

Reader Submission: Elizabeth

*Sigh* My husband’s so annoying, I could start a whole new blog called, “My Husband Is More Annoying Than Yours”! While our seventh-grader and I were off on the annual, week-long pilgrimage to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, my husband decided that he needed to take apart the oven door because the glass inside it was looking a bit gnarly. Not surprising; the oven’s had six years’ of use, and I do cook. I appreciated the thought. Unfortunately, he didn’t pay any attention to how he took it apart, and so, had no idea how to put it back together. “It just exploded in my lap!” was all he could tell me. This is what I found when I got back:
Sadly, the manual had no schematic for putting it back together, and I had very little luck Googling it.
But here’s the really annoying part. It wasn’t clean. Yes, the glass was nice and shiny (Good job, Honey.), but six years’ of spills and boil-overs were still in the various trims and pieces that held it all together. Guess who got to clean it and then spend half an afternoon putting the puzzle together? Yup; me.
The moral of the story? You don’t have to wait until National Talk Like a Pirate Day to say “Aaaaaaargh!” a lot.


Reader Submission: Chrissy

My fiance is so annoying. When I ask him to fix something, he’ll go examine the situation, then call out for me to bring him the tools he needs for the job. It doesn’t matter if I’m in the shower or cooking dinner… I am expected to stop what I’m doing or HOW ELSE IS HE GOING TO FULFILL MY REQUEST? And it usually involves multiple trips for me because he’s not always sure what he needs. He could be five feet from the tool bench, but he seems unaware of where any of the tools are. And I suppose that because I get them, I’m the one expected to put them away too, because he will drop them where he is (along with any light bulb packaging or other garbage) and walk away, task “completed.” Or postponed. Or declared impossible. Ugh, annoying!

Reader Submission: Robin

My fiance is obsessed with packages. Not those kind of packages, the kind that come in the mail. He orders stuff online constantly. He orders at least one a month. Why can’t he shop in a store like a normal person? It’s so bad that our mail man knows exactly what his car looks like and will stop and give him the package if he passes him leaving the neighborhood. I know this may not seem like a big deal to some people, and it wouldn’t be if he wasn’t super paranoid about whatever amazingly special things he orders.

Since he works all day, he expects me to be home when the package arrives. He will tell me when he orders what date the package will come. Then he proceeds to remind me every few days that I need to keep an eye out for the package. He is in the military so he’s often away from home. Times like those he constantly asks if the package arrived and if it hasn’t arrived by the time he thinks it should have he freaks out. Okay, he doesn’t really freak out, but it’s like he’s thinking about it 24/7. He will ask me about it several times, and bring it up several times a day. If he’s home he will go by the rental office and ask if the package was dropped off there instead. Now, every time a package has been dropped out there not only does the mail man leave a note, but the rental office also comes by and leaves a note. So of course it’s never actually there, but he still goes in and bothers the poor girls. When he’s not home he asks me to go ask them. I tell him I will but I never have any intention of doing it. It’s bad enough that they have to deal with him bugging them, I’m not joining in on this craziness.

If I miss a package I am expected to be the one who picks it up. He will tell me that I need to go get it first thing in the morning. He’s often home before the post office closes, but for some reason he has decided it’s my job to pick up all of his packages. Why can’t he just trust that it’ll arrive when it does? If we miss the mail man, he can just get it from the post office in a few days when he’s off, but this isn’t an option for  him. Also, why order stuff to be sent to the house when he’s not even going to be home for several weeks to get it? He deployed for 7 months a few years ago, and the packages piled up all over th place. There were at least eight of them when he came home.

One day he got a note on the door saying we’d missed a package and they would be back the next day between a certain time. It was supposed to arrive in the morning so we waited for it to come but when he didn’t show up an hour after the latest time they said it would come, I left and went shopping on my own. When I got home around 4pm he was still waiting on the package. I convinced him to leave the house for something, but not before we stopped by the rental office to ask them if it was there. They informed us that UPS doesn’t normally come until about 5 or 6.

It drives me crazy, and I’m pretty sure our mail  man hates us. My fiance just deployed for the 2nd time and this time I put my foot down. I told him he wasn’t allowed to order anything until the last month of deployment. I miss him dearly, but I don’t miss the packages.



Reader Submission: Raeann Q

My husband and I live in northern California, and every few years we experience a pretty nasty weather cycle. One winter, in preparation for one of these tempests, knowing we were going to lose power overnight, I asked him to go get some candles. 

My husband is an Eagle Scout, an expert survivalist, and very very smart. I figured the “candles” instruction was explicit enough. 
When I got home from work what did I find on our dining table? 300 tealights. When I asked him what he was thinking he said, “I figured 300 for $5 was a better deal than 5 for $30.” And I replied, “This is a natural disaster, not a seance.” 
I went out into the rain, returned the tealights, and bought 5 candles for $30. So annoying.